Permalink Palestinian factions mourn Daqqa, hail his role with Captive Movement

The PFLP affirms martyr Walid Daqqa's status as one of the prominent figures leaders, and thinkers of the Palestinian Captive Movement. | Palestinian Resistance factions mourned detainee Walid Daqqa, who was martyred inside the Israeli Assaf Harofeh hospital on Sunday due to the policy of medical neglect after a long struggle with illness.  The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) described the martyr as "the revolutionary leader," affirming his status as one of the prominent figures, leaders, and thinkers of the Palestinian Captive Movement.  In a statement, the PFLP emphasized that Daqqa had a rich and distinctive intellectual and literary experience unmatched in its impact on the lives and revolutionary spirit of the detainees.  The Front added that the martyr was one of the most prominent symbols of prison literature and contributed significant intellectual and literary studies to the Palestinian, Arab, and international libraries.  According to the PFLP, Daqqa was one of the prominent national leaders and detainees of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 who were on the front lines in confronting the practices and violations of the Israeli occupation, adding that he took part in all the battles of the Captive Movement.

Walid Daqqa on deathbed, over 750 other prisoners ill: Waed (1 Jun 2023) | Bone marrow cancer-stricken prisoner Walid Daqqa, whom the Israeli authorities refuse to release, is now in his final days after undergoing a lung resection and cardiac catheterization, and his body is not responding to chemotherapy, which was administered very late. Walid Daqqa has been detained since 1986 and was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of resisting the occupation. His sentence was later decreased to 37 years.


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