Permalink Children ‘dying’ of hunger in Gaza, warns UN food agency

The UN World Food Program (WFP) has raised the alarm on the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip amid a genocidal Israeli war, saying children are starving to death in the besieged Palestinian territory. | WFP Executive Director Cindy McCain made the remarks in an interview with CNN on Sunday, as the Tel Aviv regime has been using food as a weapon of war and deliberately blocking aid deliveries to Gaza over the past six months.  Asked about the impact of food shortage in Gaza, especially for children, McCain replied, 💬 “Well, children are dying as we speak.”  “And those that are not dying or haven’t died yet are so emaciated and lacking so much in the way of important nutrients at this particular time in their life cycles, they won’t -- if they do live, they will never recover from it,” she added.

Denial of basic needs in Gaza inhumane, intolerable: WHO chief (Gulf Today)


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