Permalink Russia May ‘Track & Target’ SCALP Transfers to Ukraine After Audio Leak - Report

Repercussions from the leak of Bundeswehr Ukraine war talks continue, shedding light on divisions within Berlin itself, and angering NATO. The UK, France, and other allies are increasingly inclined to see Germany as unreliable after the security breach. | The UK and Germany are dismayed that Russian intelligence will now be able “to track and locate, potentially targeting,” vehicles in Europe and on Ukraine’s territory delivering SCALP and Storm Shadow cruise missiles to the Kiev regime, The Times has reported.  After analyzing the transcript and audio of the intercepted conversation involving four senior German military officers that was released by Russia, the publication also voiced alarm over the revealed “operational and targeting details” pertaining to the deployment of British Storm Shadow missiles sent to Kiev.

💬 “I know how the British do it. They always transport them in Ridgback armored vehicles. They have several people on site. The French don't do that. They check with the Ukrainians on the quality of loading SCALP missiles. Storm Shadows and SCALPs have similar technical specifications for their installation. How are we going to solve this problem? Are we going to transfer MBDA missiles to them using Ridgbacks? Will one of our people be posted to MBDA?” German Air Force commander Gerhartz is translated as saying in the leaked conversation.

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