Permalink Al least 19 Palestinians killed as Israeli troops open fire on Gaza aid seekers

The Israeli military has attacked desperate Palestinians lining up for humanitarian aid in Gaza City, killing at least 19 people and injuring 23 others in a new massacre against aid seekers. | The Government Media Office in Gaza said in a statement that the carnage took place on Saturday near the al-Kuwait roundabout, southeast of Gaza City. Mahmud Basal, spokesman for the Civil Defense Department in Gaza, said there had been “heavy shooting at civilians” looking for food to help their families and children. 💬 “The occupation army and tanks opened fire with machine guns at the hungry people who were waiting for bags of flour and aid in a remote place that did not pose a threat to the occupation,” the statement said.  “There were very serious injuries, some of whom were injured by shrapnel. The reality is tragic, difficult, and challenging,” he added, saying the victims were taken to the nearby al-Ahli Arab hospital.

19 Palestinians killed as Israeli forces shell Palestinians waiting for aid in Gaza (Anadolu)
Israel Bombed Over 400 Healthcare Facilities, Killing Nearly 700 (The Libertarian Institute)
Israel announces major land grab in West Bank (RT.com)
Israel Seizes West Bank Land for Future Settlements (antiwar.com)
Israeli war to only end with Jews settling northern Gaza: Knesset member (RT.com)


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