Permalink For What It's Worth, Israel admits army shot dead over 100 Palestinians seeking aid

Israel's war on Gaza — now in its 148th day — has killed at least 30,228 Palestinians, mostly children and women, and wounded 71,377 others. | Saturday, March 2, 2024, 0820 GMT — Israel admitted that its forces opened fire at Palestinians waiting for humanitarian aid south of Gaza City, killing more than 100 people and injuring over 700 others.

💬 “IDF (Israel Defense Forces) forces did not shoot at the convoy. IDF forces did not shoot at people looting the trucks. IDF forces used fire when masses ran toward them in a way that threatened their lives. They were there in the first place to secure the convoy,” Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy said on X.

The spokesperson later on deleted his post and repeated claims by the Israeli army, accusing civilians of killing each other in a stampede.

💬 “Those poor people were killed when they were crushed in a stampede and in some cases run over by the Gazan truck drivers as they tried to get out. But go ahead, blame Israel,” Levy said later.

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