Permalink Israeli narration of attack on Gaza aid seekers unconvincing: Report

The Israeli regime's account of the attack on Palestinians who were awaiting aid on the Nabulsi roundabout near al-Rashid Street in Gaza is unconvincing, media outlets have reported. | Following the brutal attack on Gaza on Thursday on al-Rashid Street, 112 civilians were martyred and over 700 others were wounded.  In the wake of the al-Rashid massacre, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported late on Friday that the Zionist regime's response to what happened was accompanied by an unacceptable 10-hour delay.  Whether the fatal incident in the northern Gaza Strip was intentional or unintentional, it has the potential to alter the dynamics of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, according to the source.  More international reactions against the Israeli moves are expected in which the communities are going to call for armistice in the Gaza war, the newspaper added.

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