Permalink UN: Large Number of Gunshot Wounds among Gaza Food Aid Injured

World leaders have called for an investigation and a ceasefire in the “Israeli” massacre that led to the martyrdom of dozens of desperate Palestinians rushing an aid convoy. | “Israeli" occupation opened fire as Palestinian civilians scrambled for food supplies on Thursday, martyring more than 100 people in Gaza City. A UN team that visited some of the wounded in Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital on Friday saw a “large number of gunshot wounds”, a spokesperson for the UN chief, António Guterres, said. Stephane Dujarric said the hospital received 70 of the dead and treated more than 700 injured, of whom about 200 were still there during the team’s visit.

Dying from Hunger: 16 Children in Gaza Martyred due to Malnutrition, Lack of Treatment (Alahed News)
Day 150 in Gaza: 13 massacres, 30,534 martyred, and 71,920 injured (Al Mayadeen)


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