Permalink 13 British Lords Linked to Israel’s Arms Trade

JOHN McEVOY | Over a dozen members of Britain’s unelected upper chamber work for, or profit from, arms firms linked to Israel. | Seven peers work for arms firms involved with Israel’s weapons trade, while another six hold shares in companies that supply the Israeli military, our research into the House of Lords has found. The value of these individual shareholdings is likely to be over £100,000 each, and is certain to have increased since 7 October. Among the peers are two former defence ministers, an ex-cabinet secretary and two retired heads of the UK armed forces.  Our revelation raises concerns about how British parliamentarians are financially benefiting from the suffering in Gaza, with activists accusing them of “profiting from genocide”. Campaign Against Arms Trade expressed alarm at how these unelected legislators could use their influence in Westminster to promote the interests of weapons manufacturers.


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