Permalink Erdoğan accuses Israel of seeking to spread conflict throughout entire region

The Turkish leader slammed Israel’s actions in Gaza as genocide and said that the only way to ease tension in the region is to stop it 💬 [Erdoğan] stressed that it is necessary to identify the root of the problem in the region "rather than judge only by what happened on the night of April 13," when Iran conducted its operation against Israel. "No one spoke up after the attack on the Iranian embassy, but for several countries. But a race of accusing Iran’s retaliation started immediately. But first of all, it is necessary to blame [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu who killed 34,000 innocent people in Gaza. Netanyahu and his cannibalish administration are the ones who are responsible for what happened on April 13." [...] "Long before the current developments with mass killings, Turkey banned the sale of any materials that can be used for military purposes to Israel."


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