Permalink Quarter of Europeans on the Brink of Ruin, New Survey Finds

Working people across Europe and North America are struggling to make ends meet as the cost-of-living crisis prompted by sanctions and embargoes on Russian energy imports. Petrol and diesel pump prices have almost doubled and energy bills have multiplied, with a knock-on inflationary effect on other goods. More than a quarter of Europeans say they are in a "precarious" financial state and half fear they soon will be, according to a new poll.  The six-nation survey by Ipsos for French poverty NGO Secours Populaire (People's Aid) found that 27 percent were in financial dire straits, defined as "one unexpected expenditure could change everything," while 55 percent said they had to be careful with spending to avoid getting into the same position.  It also found that 54 percent of 6,000 people polled in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and the UK had seen the purchasing power of their income fall over the past three years.

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Permalink Ukraine Update: U.S. Troops In Ukraine, Says U.S. Media

U.S. troops are now on the ground in Ukraine, where they are monitoring NATO arms deliveries to the country, an anonymous Pentagon official told several U.S. media outlets on Monday. It is unclear how many personnel are involved, or where they are located. | While Americans have fought and died in Ukraine of their own accord, Monday’s announcement marks the first time since February that Washington has acknowledged the presence of uniformed troops in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has cautioned the U.S. and its NATO allies against getting involved in the conflict, and even before the announcement, he stated that the Kremlin views itself as fighting the “entire Western military machine” in Ukraine.  The U.S. inspected its arms shipments to Ukraine before Russia launched its military operation in February, but pulled its personnel out of the country days before it began. It is unclear how many troops have returned or when the checks restarted. The Pentagon official would only say that a “small” number of troops are involved.

Head of US Nuclear Forces Claims Ukraine ‘Just a Warmup’ for ‘Very Long’ Struggle With Russia, China (Sputnik News)

Permalink LIVE UPDATES: Six Ships Leave Ukrainian Ports After Russia’s Return to Grain Deal, Turkey Says

Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, after the DPR and LPR appealed for help in defending themselves against Ukrainian provocations. | Moscow has resumed the grain deal after receiving written guarantees from Ukraine that it won't use the grain corridor for military purposes, following mediation by Turkey and the UN. Kiev has denied providing any additional guarantees.  Earlier on October 29, Russia suspended its participation in the UN-mediated grain deal after its ships were attacked by Ukraine in the Black Sea.

Permalink US to cut or stop aid to Kiev if Republicans win — newspaper

It is noted that Ukraine should not count on support either, considering that Congress has already greenlit up to $60 billion in aid and Kiev is persistently asking the West to increase the amount of aid | The US may reduce or stop aid to Kiev altogether if Republican Party representatives succeed in the November 8 midterm elections to Congress, the Washington Post reported on Monday.  The newspaper quoted Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said that under the Republicans 💬 "not another penny will go to Ukraine. Her party is poised to make significant gains in Tuesday’s midterm elections and possibly revamp the United States’ whole approach to supporting Ukraine’s resistance. A Republican-led House is expected to, among other things, turn up the heat on the [US President Joe] Biden administration over its handling of the US withdrawal of Afghanistan, as well as step up political pressure on Iran," the newspaper stressed.  According to its estimates, Ukraine should not count on support either, considering that Congress has already greenlit up to $60 billion in aid and Kiev is persistently asking the West to increase the amount of aid. On the eve of the election, various candidates and legislators from the Republican Party pointed out that the funding should be stopped.

Permalink Ukraine eclipses the sun: Europe's reparations will be done differently

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | "COP27 Talks Begin With Deal to Discuss Climate Reparations," reads a headline over at Bloomberg. That's a mouthful, but what's the substance? It turns out that at the 27th climate summit which opened in Egypt, rich countries agreed for the first time not to block a discussion (!) about compensation (!) to undeveloped countries for global warming damage.  But before that there was a 48-hour haggle on the sidelines which ended with a "compromise": to focus not on the compensation itself, but on "cooperation and assistance". The decision is to be taken "no later than 2024". In other words, there will be no money.  Just as no one has yet seen the promised $100 billion annually from developed countries "to save the climate. This is mere pennies compared, for example, to the $693bn the G20 countries spent on supporting the fossil fuel industry in the "herbivorous" year of 2021.  Now, in a year of "record heat waves, droughts and floods," compounded by an energy crisis and the reopening of coal mines in Europe, old calculations about the energy transition are going in the bin. That is where they belong. After all, the grand scam of plundering money from the Old World "to repair the weather" is no longer very necessary. It has been overshadowed by the "Ukrainian crisis", which has brought and will continue to bring the beneficiaries far greater dividends. (www.DeepL.com/)(AP Photo/Thomas Hartwell)

COP27: Will Rich Nations Walk Their 'Loss and Damage' Talk or Sweep It Under Rug Again? (Sputnik News)

Permalink The climate ‘crisis’ isn’t what it used to be

Judith Curry | Growing realization by the climate establishment that the threat of future warming has been cut in half over the past 5 years. Summary: The climate “catastrophe” isn’t what it used to be. Circa 2013 with publication of the IPCC AR5 Report, RCP8.5 was regarded as the business-as-usual emissions scenario, with expected warming of 4 to 5 oC by 2100. Now there is growing acceptance that RCP8.5 is implausible, and RCP4.5 is arguably the current business-as-usual emissions scenario. Only a few years ago, an emissions trajectory that followed RCP4.5 with 2 to 3 oC warming was regarded as climate policy success. As limiting warming to 2 oC seems to be in reach (now deemed to be the “threshold of catastrophe”),[i] the goal posts were moved in 2018 to reduce the warming target to 1.5 oC. Climate catastrophe rhetoric now seems linked to extreme weather events, most of which are difficult to identify any role for human-caused climate change in increasing either their intensity or frequency.

Permalink Vile Dumb Hohol Scum Aimlessly Launch HIMARs Rockets At Random Civilian Targets In Donetsk, Again

Footage from the scene shows several houses destroyed during the late-evening attack | As Col Macgregor has been saying, Ukraine, or Israel, or whoever, did not send their best when they put the Zelensky regime together. Every time the Brandon regime restocks these advanced military assets we've given them, they end up immediately on the black market, or they end up being immediately hurled into apartment buildings and houses in Donbass, particularly the greater Donetsk area.  This is in contrast to when Russia hits Ukraine with precision guided strikes, which take out crucial infrastructure and bodies of the federal Ukrainian government like powerplants and the Ukie federal police HQ. Russia has an actual strategy, the Zelensky regime's strategy is to basically act like a nigger firing an automatic pistol into a crowd of random strangers hoping one guy they didn't like among them got hit. [...] The Ukrainian military shelled residential areas of Donetsk late on Saturday, heavily damaging or completely destroying multiple houses. According to preliminary information, Kiev’s forces used various rocket artillery in the attack, including US-supplied HIMARS systems.

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