Permalink THE PLAN: The World Health Organization has a plan for ten years of infectious diseases, says a WHO virologist

THE PLAN: The World Health Organization has a plan for ten years of infectious diseases, says a WHO virologist. While Mr. and Mrs. America was busy pouring their time, effort, and money into the Right/Left Paradigm Lie, the Evil Ones were hard at work perfecting a plan, which is in full effect, to enslave you and then to KILL you. [VIDEO]

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More than 25 countries at the COP27 climate talks on Monday launched a group they said would ensure they hold one another accountable for a pledge to end deforestation by 2030, and announced billions of dollars to finance their efforts. | The first meeting of the Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnershipis being chaired by Ghana and the United States. It takes place a year after more than 140 leaders promised at COP26 in Britain to end deforestation by the end of the decade.  Progress since has been patchy, with only a few countries instituting more aggressive policies on deforestation and financing. The new group – which includes Japan, Pakistan, the Republic of Congo, and Britain – accounts for roughly 35 per cent of the world’s forests and aims to meet twice a year to track progress. Notable omissions from the group are Brazil, with its Amazon rainforest, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose vast forests are home to endangered wildlife including gorillas.  Private cash piles up: Private companies announced US$3.6 billion in extra money. They include investment firm SouthBridge Group, creating a US$2 billion fund for restoration efforts in Africa, the region with the most tropical rainforest after South America. Volkswagen Group and H&M Group signed up to a separate initiative, The Leaf Coalition, launched at COP26, in which governments and companies pay countries with tropical and subtropical forests for emissions reductions.

Permalink RE: Order for Withdrawal from Kherson City of Russian Troops...

If this actually happens, it means the last possible victory for Ukrainian forces (in terms of overwhelming, trapping, destroying and/or capturing huge numbers of Russian troops and equipment) is eliminated. It will be a major political blow for Russia - a major boost for Ukraine and its Western allies in terms of propaganda.  At the same time, Ukrainian infrastructure continues to disappear, its air defenses are dwindling (and aren't effective against new Geran-2 drones anyway), and Russia still may inflict heavy losses on Ukrainian forces approaching Kherson city. Russia will have again preserved its manpower and equipment while Ukraine is forced to stretch out and expose its forces further at a time they are unable to replace both trained manpower and heavy weapons.  Any attempt by Ukrainian forces to cross the Dnieper River will lead to catastrophic losses. Failure to cross over means ultimately Ukraine's objective of taking back all territory considered Ukrainian by Kiev will remain unfulfilled. Patience will be required to see how this actually unfolds vs. how emotionally and politically charged commentary claims it will unfold...

Russia Withdraws from Kherson, Surovikin Steadies Nerves, Promises Offensive (Alexander Mercouris)(VIDEO)
Russian Kherson Withdrawal: Trap? Or Necessary Chess Move? (Brian Berletic-The New Atlas-VIDEO)
The Pullout From Kherson (Moon of Alabama)
Erdogan says Russian withdrawal from Kherson is a positive step (Ground News // News Articles)
‘Massive strategic failure’: Kherson pullback is Putin’s latest battlefield humiliation (Ground News // News Articles)
Sergueï Choïgou ordonne au Général Sourovikine de se retirer des territoires tenus sur la rive droite du Dniepr
Die russische Armee räumt Cherson (Anti-Spiegel)
Russian defense chief orders troop withdrawal behind Dnieper (TASS)

Permalink From the history of Kherson

Телестрим Z | The defence of Kherson against German invaders in 1941 lasted 4 days, from 15th to 18th of August. Then German troops entered the city. But even this delay of four days led the Germans into a frenzy, which later developed into such atrocities against civilians and prisoners of war that even against the background of other crimes of the Reich against humanity somewhat pale.

In Kherson, the "military elite of the Reich" were confronted by the already battle-worn 51st Infantry Division and the Danube Military Flotilla. As well as the militia, which, according to some estimates, was joined by about 10 per cent of the population of the city. At the time of the fighting in Kherson, there were only 20 anti-tank guns for the entire city. Clearly not the kind of contingent or fighting strength that should have stood up to Adolf Hitler's SS Leibstandarte for at least a day, let alone four.

The Germans unleashed a real sadistic terror in the city. In one way or another, the Germans killed everyone who lived or was a prisoner of war in Kherson. Moreover, at a certain point, the scale of the massacres began to scare the German military command. The directive "On Photographing Executions Verified by a Court Martial" is indicative in this respect, which expressly ordered:

💬 "Photographing all kinds of executions is categorically forbidden. In special exceptional cases, when it is necessary to take photographs for purely official purposes, the permission of an officer of at least the rank of commandant of the division is required. When such executions take place, the relevant military departments are obliged, according to the circumstances, to take all measures necessary to carry out this order and to remove all spectators." (Translated with www.DeepL.com)(Free version)

Permalink China President Orders Nation to "Prepare for War"

XI Jinping has ordered China to prepare for war as he warned his nation's security situation is "increasingly unstable." | In a chilling escalation, the Chinese President declared that Beijing will "comprehensively strengthen its military training and preparation for war." According to state broadcaster CCTV, Xi said the move was sparked by China's "increasingly unstable and uncertain" security. It comes amid fears China - which has the second-largest economy and military in the world - is preparing to invade the self-governing island of Taiwan.  Tensions between the two nations have hit boiling point in recent months, with Beijing continuing to flex its military muscles by launching jets into Taiwan's airspace and firing missiles in haunting drills. Xi has vowed to "unify" Taiwan - and experts believe he is "all but guaranteed" to attack the nation after having recently become leader for life.  Taiwan is feared to be a major flashpoint between the Washington and Beijing - with a potential invasion forcing the US to either abandon the island or face full scale war with China. China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and has vowed to take back the nation - by force if necessary - while Joe Biden recently promised the US will defend the island.

Permalink Midterms Roundup

Moon of Alabama | The midterm election did not come with the red wave some had expected. The reasons for that are manifold. | That the Trump brand has lost some of its shine is one. Trump has always been bad at picking people. In the case of this election he supported some particular bad candidates. They obviously did not perform as he had hoped for.  Biden is not liked much. But he is - in general - also not disliked much. He has managed to bribe the voters first through the large spending programs he had moved through Congress and then through the huge releases from the strategic petroleum reserve. The prices fell at the pump and that typically counts for a lot.  Abortion seems to have played a role and Democrats said they would do something about that. But the Supreme Court judgment pushed the issue back to the states. I doubt that the Democrats will do anything about that. They have no incentive and no means to change that ruling.  So the Democrats may keep the Senate though barely. The Republicans will likely take the House but also with only a thin majority. That means that U.S. policies, internally but especially on foreign issues, will not change one bit.  As the saying goes: 'If elections would change anything they would not be allowed.'

Permalink 42% of Gen Z Diagnosed with a Mental Health Condition, Survey Reveals

Study Finds | Forty-two percent of America’s young-but-cynical Generation Z are dealing with a mental health condition, a new survey finds. A range of these issues were largely identified during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. | The analysis by Harmony Healthcare IT suggests tens of millions of Gen Z young adults started dealing with a mental health problem in the months immediately following the start of the global pandemic in March 2020. The Indiana-based data management company’s survey highlights a staggering percentage of young adults diagnosed with anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the pandemic.  Twenty percent of the 1,000 Gen Z study participants say they have a regular therapist, 57 percent take regular medication, and 39 percent attend therapy for mental health issues once a week.

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