Permalink Moscow Has Info on UK's Transfer of Unmanned Underwater Drones to Kiev Ahead of Sevastopol Attack

The Foreign Ministry summoned Britain's ambassador to Russia on Thursday in connection with last week's Ukrainian attack targeting Russian military and civilian vessels in Sevastopol. | The act of terrorism prompted Moscow to temporarily freeze its participation in the Black Sea grain export deal with Kiev. Moscow summoned British Ambassador to Russia Deborah Bronnert in connection with London's suspected involvement in the October 29 attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Foreign Ministry has revealed.  In a statement, the Ministry indicated that it had information that London transferred a number of unmanned underwater drones to Kiev, and that British specialists have been actively involved in the training and supply of Ukrainian special operations forces, including those involved in sabotage operations at sea Moscow warned that Britain's actions threaten to escalate the security crisis and lead to "unpredictable and dangerous consequences," and that such "hostile provocations" on London's part were "inadmissible" and must be stopped immediately.

💬 "If such acts of aggression, fraught with [the UK's] direct involvement in the conflict, continue, the entire responsibility for their disastrous consequences and the growth of tensions in relations between our states will lie entirely on the British side," the Foreign Ministry said.

Russia: On the United Kingdom’s involvement in the terrorist attack against the Black Sea Fleet ships in Sevastopol
UK is ‘too deep’ in Ukraine conflict – Moscow (RT.com)
Russia warns UK of ‘dangerous consequences’ (RT.com)

Permalink War, propaganda, and blindness

Thierry Meyssan | Propaganda makes you stupid. We know that the Ukrainian integral nationalists have committed abominable massacres, especially during the Second World War. But we don’t know what they have been doing on our doorstep for the last thirty years, including the civil war they have been waging for the last eight years. Our own stupidity allows us to endure the war cries of our political leaders on the side of these criminals.

Permalink The UNSC Refused to Look Into US Biolabs in Ukraine

We regret that the Council failed to invoke the mechanism provided for in Article 6 of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC). [Let me] remind [you] that according to the BTWC, 💬 "each state party to the Convention undertakes to co-operate in carrying out any investigation which the Security Council may initiate, in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, on the basis of the complaint received by the Council."  During the elaboration process of this draft resolution, Western states demonstrated in every possible way that they placed themselves above the law and were not going to implement this provision. They proved ready to trample on every norms and infringe on every rule – in line with the colonial thinking that they are accustomed to. We have long ceased to be surprised by that.

Permalink Pompeo Served With Lawsuit (Video)

Политджойстик/Politjoystic | A group of US lawyers and journalists have sued the CIA, its former head Michael Pompeo, a Spanish private security company and its director in federal court. | It would seem how the defendants are connected...But to understand this, [we only need] to mention that this [was] company [that] guarded the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK in 17-18, where Julian Assange was stationed at the time.  The plaintiffs accuse the defendants of a veritable conspiracy: the CIA arranged for a security company to take visitors' electronic devices for safekeeping during visits to Assange as standard procedure. The company staff then secretly made copies of all the information on the devices and handed everything over to the CIA.  The plaintiffs claim that hundreds of Americans who visited Assange at the embassy went through such a secret procedure. However, the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which the defendants violated, protects American citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. Assange was visited by journalists, lawyers and doctors, among others, whose information on their devices should be protected even more seriously.  The lawsuit was filed back in August, but only a couple of days ago the plaintiffs were able to serve Pompeo with a copy of the suit. This was done during a photo-op after a dinner party in Ohio attended by the former CIA director. After waiting for his turn to be photographed, a man walked up to Pompeo, greeted him by the hand, then handed over the lawsuit and said the coveted "You are served" before leaving. (Source: USlegalnews)(DeepL.com)

The Grayzone | New court files expose Sheldon Adelson’s security team in US spy operation against Assange

Permalink NATO wants to place nuclear missiles on Finland’s Russian border — Finland says yes.

According to Newsweek, on October 26th, “Finland Will Allow NATO to Place Nuclear Weapons on Border With Russia”. They cite Finnish media reports. Allegedly, a condition that NATO had placed on Finland to join NATO was to allow America’s nuclear missiles to be positioned on Finland’s Russian border, which is closer to Moscow than any other except Ukraine’s. Whereas Ukraine’s would be 5 minutes from blitz-nuking Moscow so as to preemptively decapitate Russia’s retaliatory command, Finland’s would be 7 minutes — only around 120 seconds longer for Russia to be able to launch its retaliatory strikes. Finland now is to vote on the bill joining NATO, on that basis (i.e., to become America’s spearhead to defeat Russia in WW III). [...] The Finnish border reaches as close as 507 miles away from Moscow, at the Finnish city of Kotka. [That is, very close to the Russian naval base in Murmansk + Saint Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia. -Editor]

Permalink Israel’s Secret, Illegal Biological War Against Arabs

The Cradle | In September, a highly revealing academic paper was published exposing the details of a previously hidden operation by Zionist militias during the 1948 Nakba (or “Catastrophe”), in which chemical and biological weapons were used to poison Palestinians, intervening Arab armies, and the citizens of neighboring states with typhoid, dysentery, malaria, and other diseases. Working by stealth, Zionist militants poured vast quantities of infectious bacteria into wells and aqueducts providing villages, towns, and cities with water, in direct violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol, which strictly prohibits “the use of bacteriological methods of warfare.” The local epidemics created by this man-made disaster greatly assisted the forcible conquest of Palestinian territory by armed Jewish militias with their capture made permanent, while hindering the progress of advancing Arab armies.

Permalink Kosovska Mitrovica expectedly hot - Serbian Armed Forces put on alert

As of November 1, the security forces of the unrecognised Republic of Kosovo have started issuing warnings to residents of the region who have not changed their vehicle registration plates from Serbian to Kosovo. This initiative of the Kosovo authorities has been repeatedly postponed under the threat of large-scale street clashes and a tough stance by Serbia. Mitrovica's Serbs have traditionally reacted painfully to any moves by Kosovo to assimilate the Serbian population (including various administrative requirements). So far, clashes have not started, but the region could erupt at any moment. Kosovo Albanian security forces have temporarily limited themselves to issuing warnings, and the imposition of fines has been postponed until 21 November.  Belgrade's reaction is expected - declaration of combat readiness and redeployment of equipment towards Kosovo (not for the first time this year). In response to the drone overflight, which was handed over to Kosovo security forces by the KFOR mission, the Serbian army was ordered to intercept any aircraft over the territory of RS. However, so far the Serbian army has not gone further than a threatening display on the border with Kosovo.  The position of KFOR is quite unambiguous - the peacekeepers are unsurprisingly friendly exclusively on the Kosovo side, including practicing demolition of barricades and counteraction to street rallies.  Europe has recently increased the pressure on Belgrade to recognise Kosovo's independence. Some experts believe that one of the reasons is the steady outflow of the Albanian population from the region. The artificial albanization of the period of Yugoslavia's collapse is having its reverse, mirror effect. For any top-level Serbian politician, legitimising Kosovo is political suicide. Perhaps that is why certain moves to "surrender" to Russia on the "Ukrainian issue" have become a payback option for the Serbian government.(Translated with www.DeepL.com/)

Number-plate crackdown raises tensions in Kosovo (BBC)

Permalink Medical Boards Strip Top Dr. Peter McCullough's Medical Credentials for Speaking the Truth About COVID Vaccine

One of the most respected doctors in the world and top cardiologists and epidemiologist in the country had his license revoked for speaking the truth about the danger of COVID vaccines. Dr. McCullough is an Internist, Cardiologist, and Epidemiologist who testified to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in November 2020. Dr. McCullough is a cardiologist and was vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and a professor at Texas A&M University. McCullough is editor-in-chief of the journals Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiorenal Medicine. He was and is an advocate for early COVID-19 treatment that included hydroxychloroquine. He’s been right about everything throughout the pandemic.

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