Permalink Wormhole — The United States is concerned about weapons for Ukraine are going onto the black market

Объясняет Readovka | Western arms shipments to Ukraine continue to flow uninterrupted, despite voices about running out of supplies. But where there are big guns, there are big problems - so the US is thinking about controlling the arms supplies. | According to the Washington Post, the enormous sums of money that the Biden administration is spending in support of Kiev are causing increasing concern, especially when it comes to direct arms deliveries. Apart from the financial issue (taxpayers, in fact, have a right to know how exactly the billions of dollars sent to Zelensky and company are spent), the US congressmen are concerned about the possibility of weapons falling into the hands of Russia as well as their leakage to the black market from the hands of enterprising cops.  The Americans have special control over the high-tech armaments supplied - the HIMARS, for example, are strictly monitored by Washington and should not be approached without permission. Also, secret components are withdrawn from sophisticated weapons before they are shipped.  The situation with simpler weapons is more complicated. US inspectors do not go directly to the front lines and cannot check where and how their valuable cargo is being used. As of the beginning of February, only two inspections have taken place, which means that only 10% of the delivered volume could be checked. The existing system for tracing serial numbers is clearly failing and some weapons are disappearing in the fog of war. Modern conflicts often leave behind echoes in the form of unaccounted-for weapons, and if we are talking about the 404, there is no reason to doubt the dirty hands of these characters - oddly enough, weapons from Ukrainian arsenals have surfaced in the most unexpected places from Africa to the Middle East in recent decades.  At one time, the conflict in Yugoslavia greatly replenished the black market for weapons around the world. Now imagine that the bandits are not holding a machine gun from the Cold War stockpiles, but a brand new Javelin. And not just one. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)(free version)

Ukraine sells weapons on black market due to limited ability to use (almayadeen.net)

Permalink Pet Ownership is Now Under Attack by Unhinged Climate Extremists – Say Dogs and Cats are Part of the Climate Problem

Pet Ownership is Now Under Attack by Unhinged Climate Extremists – Says Dogs and Cats are Part of the Climate Problem | In an effort to lessen their "carbon pawprint," unhinged climate activists are now advocating for the death of millions of dogs and cats worldwide. An article published by CNN claims that dogs, cats, and other household pets that regularly consume meat contribute to "global warming." "Our four-legged friends don't drive gas-guzzling SUVs or use energy-sucking appliances, but that doesn't mean they don't have a climate impact. In fact, researchers have showed that pets play a significant role in the climate crisis," according to a recent CNN column. The news outlet added that most of the carbon pawprint comes from their diet, which is extremely high in meat and so requires a lot of resources (including energy, land, and water) to create. The manufacturing of pet food also results in a significant quantity of greenhouse gas emissions.

Permalink ANTIFA Terrorists Are Reportedly Planning Terror Attacks on Tesla Dealerships

ANTIFA Terrorists Are Reportedly Planning Terror Attacks on Tesla Dealerships | CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is concerned about a recent tweet that is encouraging arson at Tesla dealerships all across the United States. The report originated from journalist Andy Ngo who shared a screenshot on his Twitter account from a now-suspended user who was calling for members of Antifa to "protest" outside of Tesla dealerships. The tweet from the now-deleted Antifa-affiliated account read 💬 "Tonight in Portland! Every city, every town! Show up at your local Tesla dealerships in protest of Elon Musk!" In that same tweet was a picture of a Tesla on Fire, which has Tesla dealerships across the country on high alert.

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