Permalink NEWS PHOTOS: 13-nation drill “showcasing NATO’s firepower” held near Russian border

Allies demonstrate NATO’s firepower during armoured gunnery competition in Latvia | On November 14-17, NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup Latvia together with the Latvian Mechanized Infantry Brigade conducted Iron Spear 2022. Alongside the Allies based in Latvia, this regularly scheduled armoured gunnery competition saw a number of multinational crews currently deployed across the Baltic Sea region. At the Ādaži range, 34 teams from 13 Allied member states demonstrated their excellence in whatever fire mission they were given.

Permalink Leaked Documents Show Germany Preparing for War With Russia

It seems the Bundeswehr is now planning to become one of the most prominent militaries in NATO once again. | In the immediate aftermath of the (First) Cold War, the German military (Bundeswehr) went through massive restructuring and downsizing, drastically bringing down the number of combat-ready troops. After the Soviet Union’s dismantlement in the early 1990s, the Bundeswehr was left without its primary adversary, eliminating the need for maintaining hundreds of thousands of battle-ready soldiers. Ever since, as a result of NATO’s change of doctrine, the German military refocused on interventionist style of warfare, aiding numerous invasions launched by the political West.  The country’s conventional forces contracted significantly, with the crisis culminating during Ursula fon der Leyen’s tenure as defense minister, when Bundeswehr effectively became the national laughing stock, with reports of some soldiers using broomsticks instead of guns, while all six submarines were out of service. To make matters worse, German military auditors were saying that the true picture is even worse. The military’s battle readiness was laughable, especially in comparison to the (First) Cold War era, while the interest of German citizens to serve in the Bundeswehr reached an all-time low.  After years of pressure, particularly from the United States, Germany is effectively re-militarizing. According to a report by Der Spiegel, it “must increase its preparedness for a war with Russia.” This was written in a confidential document by the German Chief of Defense Staff, General Eberhard Zorn. The classified document, titled “Operational guidelines for the Armed Forces” was written in late September. According to General Zorn, “an attack on Germany can potentially happen without warning and can cause serious damage, even existential. Therefore, the defense capabilities of the Bundeswehr are essential for the survival of the country.”

Permalink New Stage of Russian Attacks on Ukrainian Energy Facilities

On November 23, Russian forces resumed massive missile strikes on Ukraine. The main targets for russian missiles are energy infrastructure facilities. So far, dozens of explosions have been reported throughout the country. | Several targets were hit in the capital. According to preliminary reports, Russian missiles once again damaged the facilities in the CHP-5 and the CHP-6 . As a result of the attack, several regions of Kiev were cut of energy supplies. Water supply was suspended in the entire city.  Last night, large fire broke out at one of the substations in Kiev. Despite some attempts of Ukrainian sources to blame Russia for another attack, the station reportedly went out of work as a result of overvoltage. The energy system in the Ukrainian capital no longer manages with the consequences of Russian attacks.  Mayor of Kiev Klitschko claimed in his interview to Bild that the local authorities will have to partially evacuate citizens from the capital in the case of a “bad scenario”.

Permalink EU Nations Can't Agree on Price Cap for Russian Oil

The aim of the price cap is ambiguous. On the one hand, Western nations intended to limit Russian revenues from oil, while on the other hand they want the oil to keep flowing to avoid market shocks. However, the EU governments are reluctant to impose an embargo on Russian hydrocarbons since it will likely backfire. | Negotiations among the EU nations on a price cap for Russian oil have hit an impasse, US media reported, adding that the EU governments remain split over the parameters of the intended price ceiling.  Anti-Russian sanctions have already backfired on those who imposed them, dealing a blow to European economies, with some of them plunging into recession. Millions of households across Europe have been pushed to the brink of fuel poverty, while energy bills have dramatically soared.

Permalink Faroe Islands Set to Continue Key Fishing Agreement With Russia

The Faroese-Russian fishing agreement that dates back to the Soviet era and was concluded in 1977 has proved itself mutually advantageous and accounts for around five percent of the island nation’s GDP. | The Faroe Islands, a self-governing part of the Danish Realm, is set to continue a decades-old fishing agreement with Russia, despite the internal opposition previously voicing skepticism and criticism from Denmark proper.  As of now, there is broad support to renew the agreement for a year, as has been the case for decades. The liberal Home Rule Party has been the only one in the Faroese Parliament to voice disagreement. 💬 “It is without a doubt the only right thing to do in this situation for the Faroe Islands, and I am happy that all parties in the Parliament, except one, are on board and see the sense and the rationale in doing so”, Fisheries Minister Arni Skaale told Danish media.

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