Permalink Woman Celebrated On Tik-Tok For Mocking Her Dead Dad At His Funeral

MUST READ | Celia Farber | This person speaking on this video is, to my mind, post-human [our emphasis]. Is that the same as “trans-human?” Anyway: No longer human. They will reward this more and more. The death of empathy, love, respect and honor and from the ashes, the rise of the parental denunciation (as performance art and status symbol). The shameless brandishing of allowing political difference to abort love. The youth of the future will be rewarded for judging their parents strictly on their ability to fully reflect the child’s (woke/nwo) “politics,” [our emphasis] which is actually the child’s programming. This also pushes the Woke ideal that individualism, difference in human perception, is an evil that must be uprooted [our emphasis]. This is what gives “cancel culture” its power. It sells its converts on the idea that different-ness must be abolished. The goal is sameness [author's emphasis]. Like nails hammered down in perfect rows. Like a field of identical fists raised from identical outrage. A “mass” emotion is no emotion at all. Emotions can only be felt individually.


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