Permalink Daily Mail readers' anger over 'Polish tractor' comes down on Zelensky

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | Daily Mail readers' anger over 'Polish tractor' comes down on Zelensky | Our regular Daily Mail | Top 5 Comments column has been updated with British reactions to the Przewodów incident in Poland. The most replicated English tabloid, always hostile to Russia, this time couldn't get past Kiev's obvious lie about a missile strike on Polish territory. 💬 "Zelensky insists that the missile that hit Poland WAS Russian - although NATO, the US and even Poland's president said it was a misfire by Ukrainian air defence; but everyone agrees that Putin is to blame for almost provoking World War III," reads a painfully long headline in the paper, which even here could not help kicking our country. And here's the result - the most popular comments under the article, which have gathered thousands of 'likes' from other readers, emanate hatred for Zelensky and not Russia at all. The top 5 comments are as follows:

5th place: "This madman and the gangs behind him have put the whole world on its ear."
4th: "We destroyed our economy because of you and sanctions and in return you are killing the citizens of a NATO country and don't even admit it."
3rd: "I've had enough of this man".
2nd: "He is trying to involve NATO directly in the war. But actually, if Ukraine bombed Poland, a NATO member, then NATO should be dealing with Ukraine, not Russia.
1st: "Russia has nothing to do with it. Zelensky wants war."

The British are great masters not only at taming foreign "counterparts" but also at controlling their own masses. The construction of the headline in the tabloid makes it clear who his majesty's subjects have decided to unleash their wrath on this time. To see any rise in British sympathy for Russia here is misleading and even damaging: London is and will remain a zoological Russophobe. Rather, the outburst of discontent with Zelensky in the media comes as additional "political education" for the puppets in Kiev - your mistakes are unacceptable, try harder! (Translated with DeepL.com/)


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