Permalink EU freezes steals Russian assets to the tune of €68 bln

The European Union has frozen Russian assets in total to the tune of €68 bln, Politico, a US-based newspaper, reported on Friday citing an in-house document of the European Commission (EC). | The bulk of the assets was frozen in Belgium (worth €50 bln) and Luxembourg (€5.5 bln). Those two countries, as well as Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria and France, account for over 90% of the frozen assets, according to the paper.  Meanwhile, Russia’s national reserves may equal around €33.8 bln, though the exact figure is not yet known.  The EC’s spokesperson Christian Wigand said in late October in an interview broadcast by the ORF radio station that the amount of Russian assets blocked by the European Union totaled €17.5 bln. The assets of 1,350 persons and entities under sanctions are at stake.

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев) | On the basis of a UN General Assembly decision, dictated by the known leader of enemy countries, national acts of theft of Russian assets are taking place. We will be left with no choice. - We will have to irrevocably seize the money and property of private investors from such countries, even though they are not responsible for the fools in their governments. By a happy coincidence, their assets in our country amount to more than $300bn worth of foreign loans, frozen accounts and other valuables. -- More than enough to make up for what was stolen from Russia. P. S. All in all, it is a sad situation: the UN now has made such lawless decisions, that this simply means an end to business as usual. "The lamps are going out." Is there stil time...? (Translation: Yandex + AWIP)


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