Permalink Pentagon: The outcome of the war in Ukraine will determine the course of global security in the 21st century

Elena Panina | Lloyd Austin, head of the US Department of Defense, said this at the International Security Forum in Halifax on 19 November. His speech was entitled "Why Ukraine Matters". Austin highlighted four reasons:

A direct threat to European security;
a challenge to US NATO allies;
an attack on Western values and the "rule of law";
undermining the "rules-based order" that keeps the West safe.

"Supporting Ukraine's self-defence is an investment by the West in its own security and prosperity," Austin added. - So those in North America don't have the opportunity to sit on the sidelines."    Obviously, the very existence of Russia is a challenge to the "rules-based order" through which the West thrives by siphoning off other countries' natural and human resources. A sovereign Russia is the planet's chance for a just future. After all, if the West has become anti-Christian, only a Christian civilization can defeat it.  Ukraine is being used as a battering ram against Russia in order to inflict a strategic defeat on our country and not to engage in direct military confrontation with us, fraught with a global nuclear war.  Austin also said this, outlining the desired framework of the conflict: "We [NATO] will not be drawn into war, but we will support Ukraine and defend every inch of NATO territory."  Here is the conclusion for Russia: the conflict can only be truly over if there is a direct and immediate threat to the core of Western civilisation - the United States. Otherwise, it will smolder for decades, exhausting our country. US officials originally called the time limit 10 years. It is noteworthy that Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel is currently on a state visit to Russia and is scheduled to meet with the Russian head of state.


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