Permalink Oskar Lafontaine: "Blowing up two gas pipelines is a declaration of war on Germany"

Юрий Баранчик | "Blowing up two gas pipelines is a declaration of war on Germany" declares former SPD chairman Oskar Lafontaine. The German federal government is behaving pathetically and cowardly as it wants to cover up the incident. | According to Lafontaine, the US either carried out the attack directly or gave it the green light: 💬 "Without Washington's knowledge and consent, the destruction of the pipelines, which amounts to an attack on our country, a blow to our economy and our geostrategic interests, would not have been possible." Lafontaine believes that the FRG must "free itself from American tutelage", withdraw US troops and their nuclear weapons from its territory and close the Ramstein airbase. 💬 "Germany must formulate its own interests, and they do not coincide with those of the US," the former SPD chief noted. According to him, "NATO is no longer a defensive alliance, but a tool to keep the US as the only world power."  So it is. How Lafontaine's plans are implemented practically is another matter. There are some 200 American bases on German territory. Every Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany signs the "Chancellor Act", a pledge to the United States, Britain and France, before being sworn in. This secret treaty is valid until 2099.  Unfortunately, Lafontaine's statement is a voice crying in the wilderness. Alas, the fate of Germany is sealed - industrial devastation, the flight of German companies to American jurisdiction, the degradation of the German state.  Germany can be potentially saved only by Russia if it takes Berlin as it did in 1945, and taking into account those lessons - the whole German territory. The scenario is fantastic, but if the US follows Ukraine in making Poland and Germany its proxies against Russia, it could become a reality. (Translation: DeepL.com)


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