Permalink Over a Million Palestinians Are About to be Forced Into Egypt at Gunpoint

Mike Whitney | What onlookers need to realize is that the current strategy is not new at all, in fact, it has a 75 year-long pedigree that aligns with the demographic objectives of the Zionist leadership. | None of this of course has anything to do with Hamas which is merely the pretext for the eradication of the indigenous people. What we are seeing is the actualization of the Zionist dream, the modern version of Plan Dalet, the original roadmap for ethnic cleaning that was drawn up in 1948.  Is this not Plan Dalet? It is. It’s a modern version of the original plan. That is why the IDF is bombing tent cities full of unarmed civilians who pose no threat to Israeli security. It’s not to fight Hamas but to terrorize the population into fleeing the city. That’s the goal. Israel knows that if they bomb the refugees, they will storm the border, breach the wall, and stream into Egypt en masse. That’s the plan in a nutshell.

Permalink Israeli forces kill Palestinian after telling him to warn others to evacuate hospital

'Soldiers are shooting at everything in sight – including a doctor and a nurse. There are bodies in the courtyard' - Hani Mahmoud, Al Jazeera

THE EXPRESSION OF HATRED FOR GENTILES (Richard Edmondson/Nahida Izzat) (10/04/14)

Permalink 'Israel' bombs Nasser Medical Complex killing patient, orders evac

The Israeli occupation forces breached the Nasser Medical Complex and forced people sheltering there to evacuate. | In a recent development, Israeli occupation forces reportedly entered the premises of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, opening fire in its medical departments and urging the injured to evacuate. Al Mayadeen's correspondent in the Gaza Strip highlighted the pressure on injured individuals to evacuate the area.  Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza also verified that Israeli forces targeted the orthopedic department within the premises of Nasser Medical Complex, resulting in the death of one of the injured and injuries sustained by several patients.

Israeli forces kill Palestinian after telling him to warn others to evacuate hospital (MEE)
'Israel' bombs Nasser Medical Complex killing patient, orders evac (Al Mayadeen)
Sewage water flooding Nasser Hospit., food runs out amid Israeli siege (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink 11 killed in Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon

Eleven people, including four civilians, have been killed after the Zionist regime's warplanes struck the Nabatieh region in southern Lebanon. | The death toll was announced by Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen news network early on Thursday. Other news reports said a Hezbollah fighter was among those killed.  Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera earlier said that a mother and daughter were among the civilians killed while over a dozen other people were injured in the bombing. This is the second attack of the Zionist regime on residential areas in southern Lebanon and the killing of civilians and family members in the past 24 hours.  A family consisting of a mother and her 2 children were martyred in an Israeli bombing of the Savannah area on Wednesday evening.  The regime’s warplanes pounded other southern regions of Lebanon that caused material damage but no casualties.

Hezbollah vows to retaliate after 10 civilians die in Israeli airstrikes (LBC News)

Permalink Ukraine Attacks Russia's Belgorod With Vampire MLRS: Six Killed, 17 Wounded, Shopping Mall Damaged

At least six people were killed during a Ukrainian missile attack on the Russian city of Belgorod today. | Ukrainian forces carried out the attack using the Czech RM-70 Vampire multiple launch rocket systems, Russia's Ministry of Defense said in a statement, adding that Russian air defense systems managed to intercept 14 rockets. [...] A shopping mall in Belgorod ended up being damaged as a result of this attack. The mall building, which housed a grocery store and a pharmacy, sustained serious damage, according to local media reports. Accorting to preliminary reports cited by local authorities, at least six people (including one child) were killed during this attack, and 17 more (including four children) were injured.

Permalink The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d’État Against Humanity

Michel Chossudovsky | The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d’État Against Humanity.

From the very outset in January 2020, people worldwide were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic. Media disinformation and the fear campaign were instrumental in sustaining the COVID-19 narrative. Scientific lies and falsehoods have been used to sustain the legitimacy of the COVID-19 policy mandates including lockdowns, the imposition of the face mask, social distancing and the suppression of fundamental human rights. People worldwide were led to believe that Big Pharma’s COVID-19 vaccine injections were the “solution”.

A structure of “Global Governance” dominated by powerful financial interests is unfolding which undermines democracy and the institutions of civil society. More than 7 billion people worldwide are directly or indirectly affected by the corona crisis and the destructive mandates implemented by morally depraved national governments. The entire planet is in state of economic and social chaos.

Michel Chossudovsky reviews in detail how this insidious project “destroys people’s lives”. He provides a comprehensive analysis of everything you need to know about the “pandemic” — from the medical dimensions to the economic and social repercussions, political underpinnings, and mental and psychological impacts.

“My objective as an author is to inform people worldwide and refute the official narrative which has been used as a justification to destabilize the economic and social fabric of entire countries, followed by the imposition of the “deadly” COVID-19 “vaccine”. This crisis affects humanity in its entirety: almost 8 billion people. We stand in solidarity with our fellow human beings and our children worldwide. Truth is a powerful instrument.”

As a means to reaching out to millions of people worldwide whose lives have been affected by the corona crisis, we have decided in the course of the next few weeks to distribute the eBook for FREE. Price: $11.50. FREE COPY Download.

Permalink UK Economy Plunges into Recession!

Preliminary figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that the British economy has officially entered a recession in the latter half of 2023. The grim data indicates a contraction in GDP for two consecutive quarters, marking what economists term as a "technical recession." | According to the ONS, Britain's GDP experienced a decline of 0.3 percent in the final quarter of 2023, following a 0.1 percent contraction in the preceding July-September period. These consecutive quarterly declines have sounded alarm bells, signaling the onset of economic recessionary conditions.  The downturn was widespread across key sectors of the economy, with industrial production plummeting by 1% in the fourth quarter, construction contracting by 1.3%, and the services sector, a traditional engine of economic growth, witnessing a 0.2 percent decline. Notably, the decline in the services sector was primarily driven by a notable drop in wholesale and retail trade, which contracted by 0.6 percent.

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