Permalink Hit by two bullets and critically injured in August 2023 for coming "too close" to an illegal Israeli settlement in Jerusalem

Permalink US prepares new arms shipment to 'Israel': Reports

As "Israel" prepares to invade Rafah, the US is reportedly sending a new arms shipment package estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars. | The Biden administration is reportedly getting ready to provide additional bombs and weaponry to "Israel", expanding its military capabilities, despite alleged "ongoing efforts by the US to facilitate a ceasefire in Gaza", according to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal As per the information provided, the planned delivery encompasses approximately a thousand MK-82 bombs, along with fuses and JDAM guidance kits that are supposed to enhance the precision of the munitions. The total value of this package is estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

US to send weapons to Israel amid invasion threat in Gaza’s Rafah: Report (Al Jazeera)
Israel bombards Gaza with largest functioning hospital still under siege (The New Arab)
83 Palestinians killed in Gaza in last 24 hours, death toll climbs to 28,858 (Anadolu)
Israel-Palestine live: Israeli air strikes kill and wound dozens in Rafah and Gaza City (MEE)
Number of UN agency staffers killed by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip rises to 158 (Anadolu)
Quarter of Gazans suffering from hunger: UN official (ILNA.ir)
Some of the prominent Palestinian academics and scientists killed by Israel (MEE)

Permalink Adiivka, Ukraine FALLS to Russian Army - "Complete Rout"

Once considered impregnable, the KEY city for Ukraine defense, Adiivka, the most heavily fortified city on the entire planet, has fallen to the Russian Army. Adiivka, shown on the map below, has been conquered in what observers say is a "complete rout" of the Ukraine Army. | Within hours, the bloodiest battle of the 21st century (so far) will be over. For those who have not kept up on developments in the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO), Avdiivka is the place from which the Ukrainian Army has shelled the civilians of Donetsk City for TEN YEARS! There are going to be lots of tactical, strategic, and political implications from this that we will see over the next days and weeks.  There are reportedly very FEW Ukrainian defenses behind Avdiivka; the Ukrainians put all their eggs into one basket, counting on the deep Soviet-era nuclear bunker system, and defenses built since the end of the civil war to make it "impregnable."

Ukraine surrendered Avdeevka because Kiev only knows how to fight civilians — diplomat (TASS)
Battle for Avdeyevka: The View From Donetsk (Russell Bentley)
How Fake ‘Heavenly Hundred’ Was Used to Legitimize Bloodbath & Coup d'Etat in Ukraine (Ekaterina Blinova)

Permalink Yemen Targets Another British Oil Tanker in Red Sea with Direct Missile Hit

Yemen says its naval units have targeted with missiles a British oil tanker in the Red Sea in retaliation for the recent US-UK aggression against the Arab country. | Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree said in a video statement on Saturday that the retaliatory strikes hit British oil ship Pollux in the Red Sea.  He said the attack, which was carried out “with a large number of appropriate naval missiles” in the strategic waterway, was “accurate and direct.”  Praising the attack as a “triumph” for Palestinians, Saree underscored the continuation of military operations in the Red and Arabian Seas against “Israeli” shipping until the aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza is lifted.

Yemen’s Houthis fire missiles at British oil tanker bound for India (Al Jazeera)

Permalink [Jewish] Thomas Friedman: Dehumanisation par excellence amid a genocide

Belén Fernández | It is hardly surprising that these days, America’s leading columnist is working hard to dehumanise the people of the Middle East. | Friedman’s persistent warmongering has been facilitated by a dedicated rejection of reality and its replacement with one in which “a lot of bad stuff happens in the world without America, but not a lot of good stuff”. The fact that Friedman’s opinions align so conveniently with US foreign policy goals does much in the way of explaining how a purveyor of “comic philistinism” has soared to such prestigious heights at the national newspaper of record.  With a genocide now going down in the Gaza Strip, however, nothing is very comical any more. A die-hard fan of Israel – to the extent that he gushes that Israel “had me at hello” – Friedman was clearly not going to be any objectively logical person’s go-to source for analysis of a war that has now killed more than 28,000 Palestinians since October.

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