Permalink France to Start Jailing Anti-Vaxxers, Big Pharma Critics

Lawmakers in France are advocating for the implementation of new legislation that would enable the far-left globalist government to imprison individuals who criticize experimental vaccines like Covid mRNA shots. | On Wednesday, February 14th, a highly contentious bill was approved by the National Assembly in France. The proposed legislation could potentially criminalize those who oppose mRNA gene therapy treatments. This strict law was passed discreetly with minimal discussion. It has the potential to incarcerate individuals who speak against the use of therapeutic or preventive measures (including experimental mRNA gene therapy) for a maximum of 3 years. Those labeled as “anti-vaxxers” would also face a substantial fine of 45,000 Euros ($48,500).

Permalink World court to discuss legal consequences of Israel's Palestine occupation

ICJ's historic hearings involve 52 nations addressing the legal consequences of Israel's Palestine occupation since 1967. | The UN's top court will hold hearings on the legal consequences of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967, with an unprecedented 52 countries expected to give evidence. Nations, including the United States, Russia and China, will address judges in a week-long session starting from Monday at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the seat of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  In December 2022, the UN General Assembly asked the ICJ for a non-binding "advisory opinion" on the "legal consequences arising from the policies and practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem." While any ICJ opinion would be non-binding, it comes amid mounting international legal pressure on Israel over the war in Gaza after the October 7 attacks.

Different from genocide case — The hearings are separate from a high-profile case brought by South Africa alleging that Israel is committing genocidal acts during the current war on Gaza. Israel is not participating in the hearings and reacted angrily to the 2022 UN request, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling it "despicable" and "disgraceful".  The week after the UN resolution, Israel announced a series of sanctions against the Palestinian Authority to make it "pay the price" for pushing for it. On Friday, it rejected South Africa's bid to impose additional measures on Israel but reiterated the need to carry out the ruling in full.

'Prolonged occupation' — The General Assembly has asked the ICJ to consider two questions. Firstly, the court should examine the legal consequences of what the UN called "the ongoing violation by Israel of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination". This relates to the "prolonged occupation, settlement and annexation of the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967" and "measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Holy City of Jerusalem".  The ICJ has also been asked to look into the consequences of what it described as Israel's "adoption of related discriminatory legislation and measures." Secondly, the ICJ should advise on how Israel's actions "affect the legal status of the occupation" and what are the consequences for the UN and other countries. The court will rule "urgently" on the affair, probably by the end of the year.

Permalink 'Israel' continues its massacres in the Gaza Strip for the 135th day

On the 135th day of Israeli aggression, more martyrs and wounded were reported as a result of continuous airstrikes targeting the Gaza Strip. | In Gaza, 10 Palestinians were killed overnight as Israeli occupation forces conducted attacks on Deir el-Balah and agricultural land on the outskirts of Rafah, as reported by the Wafa news agency.  A house bombing in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northern Gaza is said to have resulted in the killings of 7 Palestinians and injuries to others.  According to Al Mayadeen's correspondent, three Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike on the al-Zawayda area in the central Gaza Strip.  Moreover, the Israeli occupation artillery targeted the western and southern areas of Khan Younis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, as per our correspondent. Concurrently, Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on the al-Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, causing numerous injuries.

127 Palestinians killed in Gaza in last 24 hours, death toll climbs to 28,985 (Anadolu)
Gaza: Is Egypt building safe zone for Palestinians escaping Israeli attack on Rafah? (The New Arab)
An American doctor recounts his trip in Gaza: What I saw was not war but genocide (Teller/Al Jazeera/LAT)
US prepares new arms shipment to 'Israel': Reports (02/17/24)

Permalink ICJ Nixes S Africa’s Request for Urgent Measures to Save Rafah Amid “Israeli” War

The International Court of Justice [ICJ] refuses to grant South Africa's request for the tribunal to impose "urgent measures" aimed at safeguarding the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, which faces the imminent threat of an “Israeli” ground invasion. | Known as the world court, the tribunal said in a statement on Friday that the "perilous situation" in Rafah "demands immediate and effective implementation of the provisional measures" that it had ordered January 26. It said no new order was necessary because the existing measures "are applicable throughout the Gaza Strip, including in Rafah."  The court added that the “Israeli” entity "remains bound to fully comply with its obligations under the Genocide Convention" and the January 26 ruling, which ordered the regime to do all it can to prevent death, destruction, and any acts of genocide in Gaza.

Israel should do everything it is asked to do by UN court: Portugal (aNews)
Netanyahu says Israel will not 'succumb to international dictates,' as he insists on attacking Rafah (Anadolu)

Permalink Algeria pushes for UNSC resolution on Gaza truce; US vows to veto it

Algeria requested the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to vote on a draft resolution that demands an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, a move the United States - a council veto power – has pledged to veto. | According to diplomatic sources quoted by media, the 15-member body is likely to vote on Tuesday on the resolution sought by Algeria demanding an “immediate” truce in Gaza. Algeria put forward an initial draft resolution more than two weeks ago.  The draft resolution rejects “the forced displacement of the Palestinian civilian population” and demands “all parties to comply with international law” and calls for full, rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access into and throughout the entire Gaza Strip. It also calls for the full implementation of the provisional measures announced by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in late January, in the genocide case brought by South Africa against Israel.

Israel bombs Gaza as US threatens to block new UN ceasefire resolution (The New Arab)

Permalink Ukrainian soldiers captured during Avdiivka retreat: Ukraine General

After months of intensive fighting, Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi announced earlier today the decision to withdraw troops from Avdiivka. | On Saturday, Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, the Ukrainian military commander of the Tavria operational group, said that several Ukrainian troops had been captured during the process of withdrawal from their stronghold in Avdiivka. Tarnavskyi said in a statement quoted by the Ukrainian newspaper Strana, 💬 "The withdrawal of personnel from Avdiivka took place in accordance with a plan designed with consideration of different scenarios and a possible change in the operational situation. And yet, at the final stage of the operation, under pressure from superior enemy forces, several Ukrainian service people were captured." He added that Ukrainian authorities are currently reaching out to international humanitarian organizations and mediator countries to ensure that the norms of international humanitarian law are upheld regarding the captured troops.

Russia says its forces liberated Avdeyevka, moved 8.6 km ahead (TASS)
Russia views Ukrainian issue as matter of life and death, Putin says (TASS)
The Russian Armed Forces are conducting a clean-up operation in Avdeevka, the front line has shifted to Lastochkino (Reporter)

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