Permalink “Israel” Prepares for War with Lebanon with Navy Drills

Announcing that “Israel” is preparing for potential war with Lebanon, the entity’s Navy fleet of missile boats carried out “extensive” exercises over the past week. | This comes as the “Israeli” entity’s Foreign ministry warned that its patience for a diplomatic solution is running out.  The “Israeli” army said the Navy drills simulated fighting in the northern maritime theater, and some exercises were carried out alongside the “Israeli” Air Force, including the 193rd Squadron which operates the AS565 Panther helicopters, primarily used for missions at sea.  Among the scenarios that were drilled included foiling drone attacks, aerial rescue operations from vessels, and refueling the missile boats at sea.  Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned Friday that “Israel” “will not be patient much longer for a diplomatic solution in the north.”

Israeli DM: Ceasefire in Gaza Would Mean Escalation in Lebanon (antiwar.com)
Preparing for Darkness: If War Breaks with Lebanon, 60% of ‘Israel’ To Remain without Electricity (02/23/24)

Permalink 52 States address ICJ hearing on Israel’s practices in Palestine

No fewer than 52 States and three International Organisations have provided comments and presentations on the legal consequences of Israel’s policies and practices in Occupied Palestinian Territory. | The UN correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the states made their presentations during the public hearing at the International Court of Justice, based on the UN General Assembly’s request for an advisory opinion. The hearing, which began on Monday, is expected to close on Feb. 26. Filed before the ongoing four-month-old war in Gaza began, the case triggered heated commentary even before the court’s president, Judge Nawaf Salam, opened the hearings. The General Assembly submitted two specific questions to the World Court in its December 2022 request.

UN Experts Call for Immediate Arms Embargo on “Israel” (Alahed News)
ENTIRE Global South stands against US and Apartheid Israel at ICJ War Crimes Hearings (02/23/24)

Permalink Under new general, Russia’s Wagner makes deeper inroads into Libya

Using a new avatar of the paramilitary group, Putin is strengthening Russia’s presence in the North African country. | With the gaze of much of the world fixed on the carnage unfolding in Gaza, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin continues to expand his country’s reach in Africa.  Russia, in the form of the private military contractor (PMC) Wagner, has been a growing presence in Libya since at least 2018, when the group was first reported to be training troops under renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar, leader of the Libyan National Army, forces belonging to the eastern of the country’s two parliaments. But, following the death of Wagner’s founder and former Putin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin, after his failed coup in Russia last year, the fate of the paramilitary force in Libya and Africa seemed uncertain.

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