Permalink Day 142: 29,782 martyred , 70,043 injured in Gaza

Israeli occupation forces commit 10 massacres in 24 hours, martyring 90 Palestinians and injuring 164 others | The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the number of Palestinians martyred since October 7 has risen to 29,782, with 70,043 injured.  Furthermore, Israeli occupation forces committed 10 massacres in the past 24 hours, martyring 90 Palestinians and injuring 164 others.  Hundreds of victims remain under the rubble as the Israeli occupation forces deliberately prevent ambulances and civil defense crews from reaching them.  In a statement released on Saturday, the office warned of an impending catastrophe unless the Israeli genocide is ended and the blockade on Gaza is lifted. The statement explicitly pointed the finger at the United States for the famine unfolding in Gaza.  In further detail, a two-month-old infant named Mahmoud Fattouh was one of the seven infants who died from malnutrition at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as per media accounts. This comes in the aftermath of the United Nations issuing a caution about a potential surge in child fatalities resulting from "Israel's" aggression on the blockaded enclave.

Live blog: UNGA president calls for urgent truce, aid access in Gaza (TRT World)
Israel Denies Visas to Aid Workers as Palestinians in Gaza Die of Starvation (Sputnik News)
Israel has lost the world, as not even its lies can save it (Motasem A Dalloul)

Permalink Passing On The Liability Of The Fake Pandemic And Vaccine Genocide To Three Groups

They have passed on the liability of the worlds most complex genocidal campaigns of all time, onto 3 categories of people. The ones actually performing the actions against our liberties and rights, and the ones who actually performed the genocide.
| Those chosen to fall for the fake pandemic and subsequent vaccine genocide are legally responsible as far as the government is concerned. These are the 3 that will fall legally in some countries. Or at least how they have planned.

  1. The Retail Store Owner, Manager and Employee
  2. The Police Officer And The One Who Gave The Order, and
  3. The One Who Pushed In The Needle

Not the government. [...] But regardless of the lability of the above three mentioned groups; it matters not their scheming legalized attempt at dodging the consequences of their genocidal actions. They have performed genocide. They will be held accountable.

Permalink Who are the Nazis Now?

Theodore Robert Beale | In Clown World’s desperation, their pet politicians have been ordered to openly destroy every genuine element of economic freedom and democracy in a futile attempt to save what they call “democracy” but is obviously and observably against the will of the people. | This is exactly the sort of thing that Tucker Carlson exposed in the interview quoted in the previous post entitled The Inversion of Democracy and it’s been going on for several years now. But something has changed, because these clowns, who are some of the least popular people in the country, are now openly declaring war against the entire German people. Suddenly Vladimir Putin’s crusade to de-nazify Europe is making a lot more sense. There is no one more rabidly fascist than a self-righteous neo-liberal.

Germany announces wide-ranging plans to restrict the speech, travel and economic activity of political dissidents, in order to better control the "thought and speech patterns" of its own people (egyppius)

Permalink The Third Economic Destruction of Germany

Theodore Robert Beale | The combination of financially backing the EU, supporting NATO’s Russian sanctions, the primitive Green agenda, and the importation of millions of economically net-negative immigrants has finally overwhelmed what was once one of the world’s great economic engines | The biggest lie that the neoliberal economists ever told was that immigration is good for the economy. While immigration can be good for the economy, such as when you’re replacing Native American nomads, African slaves, and Irish indentured servants with hard-working German immigrants, the 20th century movement of peoples has proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that replacing Northern Europeans with any other population is very, very bad for the economy in every sense of the term, including by the most basic GDP-per-capita metric.  To say that “immigration is good for GDP” is a literal tautology, because GDP increases with the addition of every single economic actor. Of course, it does with every dollar of debt too, and yet no one is dumb enough – a few professional neo-Keynesians aside – to claim that “debt is good for the economy”. But in both cases, the historical data proves – does not suggest, proves – that mass immigration is reliably very, very bad for an industrial economy.

Electricity, Heating, Fuel Costs in Germany Jump 41% in 3 Years - Reports (Sputnik News)

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