Permalink 30 Palestinians martyred in Israeli massacre in Deir al-Balah in Gaza

The Government Media Office in Gaza holds US President Biden personally responsible for allowing the continuation of the Israeli occupation's massacres in the Strip. | The Israeli occupation committed a massacre in the Deir al-Balah area in the central Gaza Strip within the past 24 hours, despite claiming it to be a "safe zone".  The Government Media Office in Gaza stated that 30 Palestinians were martyred in the massacre, highlighting that the Israeli occupation had called on Palestinians to seek refuge in Deir al-Balah before committing a horrifying massacre there.  According to the Media Office, the Israeli occupation military targeted civilian homes with direct airstrikes and bombed a mosque in the same area, resulting in a significant number of martyrs.

Warning of ‘unparalleled killings’ as Israel targets Rafah safe zone in south Gaza (iNews)
35,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza: Rights monitor (IRNA)
IOF launch mass incursion to boost troops preparedness in West Bank (Al Mayadeen)
Israel demolishes '58 Palestinian structures' in occupied West Bank in Jan. (TRT World)
Israel kills 2 children in kindergarten attack in southern Gaza (02/04/24)

Permalink [Turkish] FM says Israel 'seeks more land not security'

The minister criticized the international community for "prioritizing Israel's security" over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Palestine. | Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has raised concerns over biased treatment towards Israel in global discourse, accusing the country of pursuing territorial expansion rather than genuine security measures. Fidan condemned the Israeli bombardment that has led to civilian casualties and exacerbated the dire living conditions of more than 2 million people facing starvation and epidemics. 💬 "You do not allow aid to enter. You bomb the aid that enters outside your control. You are destroying the infrastructure where these people live. You are removing their access to water, electricity and communication," he said during a broadcast on private television A Haber on Feb. 4. "These people are hostages in your hands."

Permalink US base in Syria comes under drone attack from Iranian-backed groups

Groups attack Al-Omar oilfield in Deir ez-Zor province, where US forces are stationed | A US military base in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province came under drone attack from Iranian-backed groups, local sources said Monday. Iranian-backed groups stationed on the western bank of the Euphrates River attacked the Al-Omar oilfield, where US forces are stationed, with multiple kamikaze drones. No casualties have been reported. The US has not released a statement so far on the attacks.

Retaliation: America's largest base attacked - there are dead (b92)

Permalink Wider war will end US hegemony in region, warns Yemen

Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned the latest wave of US and British airstrikes against the country, stressing that such attacks will not ever make the Yemeni nation and government backtrack on their pro-Palestinian stances. | The ministry in the Sana'a-based National Salvation Government deplored the most recent assaults on multiple targets in the strategic western province of Hudaydah as well as Sa’ada in the country’s northwest, stating that continuing US-British aggression clearly points to the UN Security Council’s failure to take on its responsibilities.

Turkish foreign minister warns of potential escalation in region (Anadolu)
US-UK aggression against Yemen ‘alarming threat’ to international peace, security: Tehran (PressTV)
US-British aggression targets Hodeidah, Saada governorates in Yemen (Al Mayadeen)
US, UK Conduct New Strikes on Yemen's Al Hudaydah, Saada Governorates - Local Officials (Sputnik News)
US plans additional strikes on Iranian-linked targets: White House (TRT World)
US Refuses to Rule Out Strikes Inside Iran (antiwar.com)

Permalink Bill Gates Calls on Governments to Censor ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ to Fight ‘Vaccination Hesitancy’ (Video)

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is calling on global governments to censor individuals deemed to be “anti-vaxxers.” | Gates says he’s outraged that fewer people are taking his vaccines. According to Gates, the general masses are starting to refuse the experimental mRNA injections because of “misinformation about vaccines.”  He insists that “anti-vaxxers” must be stripped of their free speech rights because they are “associating certain people, like myself or Fauci having malign intent, with vaccines.”  Gates claims that citizens raising concerns and questions about the shots has led to a surge in “vaccination hesitancy.” He warns that the same concerns have also triggered a loss of trust in his various “public health” initiatives. Gates is now demanding government intervention because he claims the public won’t be “ready for the next pandemic” if they refuse to comply with the mass vaccination agenda.

Bill Gates’ Conversation With His Daughter Clotilda (Walter Gelles)
The covid booster cancer time bomb (Professor Angus Dalgleish)

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