Permalink Hundreds mourn US airman who self-immolated at Israeli Embassy in protest of Gaza war

'His message needs to get out. And we also need to make sure that we are supporting anybody else that's like Aaron,' says former Army intelligence officer | Hundreds of people came to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. Monday evening to collectively mourn the US airman who died after setting himself ablaze in protest of Israel's ongoing war in Gaza. Many hoped that the death of Aaron Bushnell, 25, an active-duty member of the US Air Force, would spark change in US President Joe Biden's hitherto unwavering support for the war. Bushnell set himself ablaze in front of Israel’s Embassy on Sunday afternoon in protest of its ongoing war in the besieged Gaza Strip and US support for the offensive. He was taken to a hospital but died from the injuries he sustained.

Bushnell immortalized in memory of Palestinians, free people: Hamas (Al Mayadeen)
Who is Aaron Bushnell, the US airman who set himself on fire? (TRT World)
Palestinian deaths in Gaza by Israeli attacks since Oct. 7 near 30,000 (Anadolu)

Permalink NATO troops in Ukraine can’t be ruled out – Macron

The French president has insisted that everything necessary must be done to ensure that Russian forces lose | French President Emmanuel Macron has argued that deployments of troops to Ukraine by NATO members and other allies cannot be ruled out because Western powers must stop at nothing to ensure that Russia does not defeat Kiev’s forces.

💬 “There’s no consensus today to send, in an official manner, troops on the ground,” Macron told reporters after hosting a meeting of European leaders on Monday in Paris. “But in terms of dynamics, we cannot exclude anything. We will do everything necessary to prevent Russia from winning this war.”

France hosted Monday’s summit of Ukraine backers to demonstrate steadfast support and European unity amid concerns that US aid to Kiev may stop, especially if Donald Trump wins this year’s presidential election. Macron said that while Ukraine’s European allies want to avoid escalating the conflict into a direct war with Russia, they agree that they must do more to ensure that Moscow doesn’t win.

French president does not rule out Western soldiers in Ukraine (Anadolu)
Putin restructures Russian armed forces (RT.com)

Permalink Russia arrests billionaire, seizes illegally privatized companies

ChEMK, Kuznetsk Ferroalloys, and the Serov Ferroalloy Plant have all been transferred back to state ownership as the court ruled on the illegality of their privatization in the post-Soviet Union era. | Russian police in Chelyabinsk Region arrested Yury Antipov, who was listed in Forbes's latest Russian billionaires list, yesterday after a regional court seized three of his companies due to claimed irregularities with their privatization in the 1990s.  The local outlet 74.ru announced the arrest, citing a source in one of his companies, the Chelyabinsk electro-metallurgy combine (ChEMK), but Antipov's charges are still ambiguous.  Earlier in the day, a court in Sverdlovsk Region ruled that Antipov's companies were illegally privatized after the dismantling of the Soviet Union and issued an order for the transfer of his companies, ChEMK, Kuznetsk Ferroalloys, and the Serov Ferroalloy Plant back to state ownership.

Russia Implements Six-Month Ban on Gasoline Exports (novinite.com)

Permalink Hezbollah warns Israel: We have exhibited ‘minimum of our capabilities’ so far

A high-ranking Hezbollah official says the Lebanese resistance movement has so far exhibited only the least of its capabilities in terms of military and deterrent power, warning the Israeli regime against taking any further provocative measure on the border with the Arab country.

💬 “We are responding to Israeli acts of aggression and transgression … We are seeking a limited confrontation that would accomplish its objectives. Nevertheless, Hezbollah would not hesitate to deliver a much stinging response in case the Israeli enemy decides to raise the ante,” Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem said.

He was speaking on Monday during a ceremony in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut in commemoration of the fallen commanders and members of the resistance group. He underlined that whatever Hezbollah has employed so far in the course of battles with Israeli forces represents just a fraction of its military and deterrent capabilities.

Hezbollah commander unveils new weapon on Al Mayadeen (Al Mayadeen)
Lebanese escape Israel-Hezbollah war fears to ski slopes (Naharnet/AFP)

Permalink 'Israel' lied again, this time about the 'land bridge' from the UAE

The Israeli occupation is once again caught red-handed after it is shown that it was lying about its land bridge aimed at averting the Yemeni blockade on the Red Sea. | Israeli shipping and supply lines have been of utmost importance for the Resistance in Gaza, as its ports in Asdod and Askalan, key hubs for oil and armament imports, were struck as soon as the Israeli occupation started to bomb Gaza, forcing it to resort to the port of "Eilat", its southernmost settlement.  However, Yemen was not about to laisser vivre a colonialist entity massacring civilians in Gaza, as it imposed a blockade in the Red Sea, which meant the occupation could no longer receive shipments from the south; this was also accompanied by Yemeni strikes on the "Eilat" port, which to say added insult to injury would be an understatement. [...] An investigation by Mondoweiss found that just like "Israel" itself, the land bridge may be a sham in and of itself used by the occupying entity to assure their investors that it was all okay and that the economy was not completely crumbling.

Most UK exporters hit by Red Sea crisis – survey (RT.com)

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