Permalink 'Israel' lied again, this time about the 'land bridge' from the UAE

The Israeli occupation is once again caught red-handed after it is shown that it was lying about its land bridge aimed at averting the Yemeni blockade on the Red Sea. | Israeli shipping and supply lines have been of utmost importance for the Resistance in Gaza, as its ports in Asdod and Askalan, key hubs for oil and armament imports, were struck as soon as the Israeli occupation started to bomb Gaza, forcing it to resort to the port of "Eilat", its southernmost settlement.  However, Yemen was not about to laisser vivre a colonialist entity massacring civilians in Gaza, as it imposed a blockade in the Red Sea, which meant the occupation could no longer receive shipments from the south; this was also accompanied by Yemeni strikes on the "Eilat" port, which to say added insult to injury would be an understatement. [...] An investigation by Mondoweiss found that just like "Israel" itself, the land bridge may be a sham in and of itself used by the occupying entity to assure their investors that it was all okay and that the economy was not completely crumbling.

Most UK exporters hit by Red Sea crisis – survey (RT.com)


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