Permalink Israel-Palestine live: Warnings mount against planned Israeli Rafah assault

Israeli jets intensify bombing of border town sheltering half of Gaza's population
Israeli forces besiege main Khan Younis hopsital
Netanyahu insists on Rafah assault
Palestinian death toll tops 28,000
Opinion: Refugee camps and the Palestinian psyche

Dozens of civilian casualties in Gaza as Israel’s genocide campaign marks 128th day (Quds News Network)
Saudi Arabia warns of severe consequences for assault on Rafah in Gaza (Saudi Gazette)
Germany warns Israel against ‘catastrophe in the making’ (RT.com)

War on Gaza: Palestinians in Rafah run out of shelters as Israel threatens assault (MEE) | A few hundred metres from the Rafah border fence with Egypt, dozens of Palestinian families set up tents as a "last resort" as they sought refuge from the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip after having to move multiple times from their homes and previous shelters. But many are now considering yet another displacement as Israel threatens a military operation in the border town Rafah, which is now sheltering more than half of Gaza's two million residents.

Permalink War with Hezbollah to be 'Israel's' deadliest: 130-page Israeli report

An Israeli report underlines that the Israeli occupation has no chance in the face of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon as the latter's capabilities would rapidly overwhelm "Tel Aviv". | The potential war between the Israeli occupation and Lebanon's Hezbollah holds a grim reality for the Israeli occupation, as it would be the most devastating war it has gone through since its inception, as per a three-year study conducted by hundreds of experts at the Counter-Terrorism Policy Institute at Reichman University.  Israeli news outlet Calcalist shed light on the grim analysis of the potential war, which warns of unprecedented destruction and bloodshed in a conflict that could surpass the Israeli occupation's worst fears.

With Radwan Force on border, we are 'sitting ducks': Israeli mayor (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink Pentagon's Tower 22 'logistics support base' is secretly drone base

What was described by the Pentagon as a "logistics support base" turns out to be a secret drone base for long-range surveillance of fighters in neighboring Syria and Iraq and for conducting airstrikes. | The Pentagon calls the US base in Jordan, Tower 22, a “logistics support base” - however, in reality, the area in which three US troops were killed last month is more than what it seems.  The Intercept reported that Tower 22 is secretly a drone base for long-range surveillance of whom the US perceives as "insurgents" in neighboring Syria and Iraq and to conduct airstrikes, according to two US military sources, while it also represents a staging facility for special operations forces and is a medevac helicopter home base.  Talking to The Intercept, an Air Force airman, whose unit was recently stationed at the base, said,
💬 “To call Tower 22 a logistics support base is complete bullshit,” as logistics was only a minor part - or a disguise - to merely deliver food and fuel to the nearby al-Tanf base. “The main purpose of Tower 22 is to operate drones to spy on insurgents in Iraq and Syria, for targeting purposes,” the airman added, noting, “The main objective I witnessed was taking out targets.”

US approves plan for strike on Iranian targets (02/02/24)

Permalink ‘The destruction is massive … It’s a disaster area’: Israeli soldiers speak about fighting in Gaza

Exclusive: IDF troops shed light on their experience of fighting in the territory, where Palestinian casualties have passed 27,700 28,176 | Demobilised Israeli reservists have described how they deployed massive fire power in a brutal, complex and often one-sided war of sporadic but intense clashes that has reduced much of Gaza to ruins.. They spoke, too, of the challenge of fighting on unfamiliar ground that is well-known to Hamas and which offered easy opportunities for surprise attacks, despite Israel’s conventional military superiority and air power.  Some had not seen Palestinian civilians at all, passing weeks in Gaza without encountering anyone other than small bands of Hamas militants. Others said they had been in close combat almost every day and considered those civilians who ignored Israeli instructions to flee as complicit with Hamas and thus legitimate targets. Those interviewed also expressed sympathy for civilians and said they had tried to help them.

Permalink The United States and Europe are Hell Bent on Sparking World War III

Larry Johnson | The United States and Europe are Hell Bent on Sparking World War III | The U.S. and Europe — the Brits in particular — are out of control and flouting international law as they carry out military strikes in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. The West claims it is an act of self-defense, but instead of killing or arresting specific individuals responsible for attacks, are engaged in collective punishment. I think we are coming to a point where anger against the West is going to boil over and the U.S. and Europe will get a taste of their own medicine. All of this was avoidable, but the U.S. and Britain have convinced their citizens that attacks on foreign countries without the backing of the UN is entirely appropriate. It is not. These actions shred international support for the U.S. proclaimed “rules-based international order.” The latest incident to spark outrage is a hellfire missile strike in Baghdad. [...] The rage against the West is not confined to the Middle East. A video was posted tonight showing a couple of Russian gentlemen confronting British diplomats at a restaurant in Moscow. The anger is real and growing.

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