Permalink Dixi Et Animam Levavi

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) (Дмитрий Медведев) | I am looking at what the Western political panopticon has become. It's sad, funny in some places, but sinister. Serial clowns, who have never worked a day in the civil service, direct the actions of troops and control the lives of millions of unfortunate people, sending them to certain death.  The parliamentary circus of freaks from the country of defeated fascism, once again sitting in the Reichstag, demands that long-range missiles be sent to their neo-Nazi offspring, at the risk of getting even longer-range missiles on their heads.  The grandfathers, weakening from day to day, with an uncertain gait in a state of persistent dementia, hardly understanding who or what they are talking about, are hugging cheerful whores who are in the guise of widows of deceased Russian extremists.  Western leaders make theatrical visits to Kyiv on the date of the beginning of the Special Military Operation in order to distract their own electorate from the accumulated problems and once again lick the dirty boot of the American master in a state of acute choleric exaltation.  The petty and tragic heir of Bonaparte, trying on the golden epaulets that were torn off two hundred years ago, is eager for revenge with Napoleonic magnitude and are spouting fierce and extremely dangerous nonsense about the landing of troops of certain NATO countries in Kyiv, as well as about new weapons for strikes against Russia.  Examples of cadaverous decomposition of the brains of Western politicians appear every day. And that means that the horse is pale, and the rider is getting closer...Dixi et animam levavi… (DeepL + LanguageTool)

West wants to destroy Russia – Putin (RT.com)
West flirting with nuclear war – Putin (RT.com)
Putin warns of nuclear war if NATO states send militaries to Ukraine (aNews)
Russian diplomat says UK helps Ukraine carry out attacks in Black Sea (TASS)
British and French Troops ON THE GROUND in Ukraine; Operating Cruise Missiles to attack Russian Troops (HT)
British soldiers helping fire Ukrainian missiles, Olaf Scholz reveals (The Telegraph)(link)
Kremlin spokesman slams Macron’s statements about sending troops to Ukraine as dangerous (TASS)
Germany presented a four-stage plan for war with Russia (02/29/24)

Permalink Israeli aggression on Gaza death toll exceeds 30,000: Health Ministry

Twenty-five Palestinians, the majority of whom were children and women, were killed in an Israeli bombardment on the al-Nuseirat and al-Bureij camps in the central Gaza Strip. | The Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed Thursday that the number of Palestinians martyred in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Strip has surpassed 30,000.  Twenty-five Palestinians, the majority of whom were children and women, were killed in an Israeli bombardment on the al-Nuseirat and al-Bureij camps in the central Gaza Strip. The bodies of the martyrs were transported to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah after being pulled from under the rubble of targeted inhabited houses.

‘Cold-blooded massacre’:150 killed as Israeli forces attack Gazans waiting for aid (PressTV)
Live blog: Israeli attack on Rafah would violate ICJ orders — UN (TRT World)
Fatalities as Israeli forces shell crowd waiting for aid in Gaza (Anadolu)
Violent Israeli raids on Gaza and the death toll exceeds 30 thousand (Teller Report/Al Jazeera)
Strike On Palestinians Waiting For Aid Takes War's Toll Past 30,000 (HuffPost)

Permalink Germany presented a four-stage plan for war with Russia

Germany presented a four-stage plan for war with Russia | The German government presented a 13-page document called “Risk Analysis for Civil Defense,” which is essentially a theoretical plan describing the development of events in the event of a Russian attack. This was reported by the German tabloid Bild. According to the publication, the document states that such an attack would provoke a fundamental change in the security situation for the whole of Europe. The authors of the report believe that a possible war with the Russian Federation will consist of four stages.

Germany has prepared Russia-NATO conflict scenario – Bild (RT.com)
Europe is desperate to find ammunition for further transfer to Kyiv (News Front)

Permalink Explosive Truth of US’ Nord Stream Sabotage Could ‘Destroy’ NATO

John Miles | NATO has always allowed the United States to control Europe’s military policy. Now it’s dictating its energy policy, too. | [...] Investigative journalist Dan Lazare joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour program on Wednesday to comment on the US ally’s report.

💬 “It's just absolutely farcical,” said the iconoclastic author. “I don't know how much longer this can go on. I mean, Denmark investigated, came up with a conclusion, and everybody knows it was obviously sabotage – that was obvious from the very start. And [Denmark] refrains from pointing a finger at a likely culprit.”  “And the reason, of course, is the likeliest culprit – in fact, I'm 100% convinced that it is the culprit – is the United States,” he claimed. “But, Denmark, Sweden, everybody is afraid to say it. It's extraordinary.”

Sweden, likewise a US ally, ended its own investigation into the Nord Stream disaster earlier this month, also without commenting on the culprit of the sabotage. Lazare said the United States’ guilt is obvious, but frequently ignored in order to safeguard relations between the US and Europe. That dynamic is playing to the benefit of far-right parties across the continent who are the only ones willing to openly acknowledge the US role in the act, according to Lazare.

Sweden ends Nord Stream sabotage probe, hands evidence to Germany (aNews)[February 07,2024]
Seymour Hersh: A YEAR OF LYING ABOUT NORD STREAM (09/27/23)
Nord Stream Blast: Why the West Still Can't Name the Culprit (09/26/23)

Permalink تغطية صحفية: طفل ينام فوق قبري والديه الشهـــيدين| Press coverage: A child sleeps on the graves of his martyred parents

Permalink US troops [are] operating in tunnels under Gaza

‘Bushnell said US involved in Gaza war before setting himself on fire’ | Bushnell, 25, died on Sunday after setting himself ablaze in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington in an “extreme act of protest” against the Israeli regime and the US government.  One of his friends told the New York Post on Tuesday that Bushnell had told him he had...

💬...“top-secret clearance’’ for military intelligence data indicating that US troops were operating in tunnels under Gaza. “He told me on Saturday that we have troops in those tunnels, that it’s US soldiers participating in the killings,’’ friend told the Post “His actual job involves the processing of intelligence data. Some of what he was processing had to do with the Israeli Gaza conflict.”.

Bushnell said, according to his friend, that the intelligence that came into his possession showed “the US military was involved in the genocides going on in Palestine". "He told me that we had troops on the ground, you know, that were there and were killing large numbers of Palestinians," the friend stressed.

Permalink From Rachel Corrie to Aaron Bushnell: sacrificing for Palestine

Aya Youssef | The United States' defeaning silence on its own citizens who were affected by its own policies speaks volumes. | Rachel Corrie and Aaron Bushnell bravely sacrificed their lives in support of the Palestinian cause, denouncing their country's role in the 75-year Israeli occupation. Yet, the striking question remains: How many more activists must tragically die before the United States truly listens to its citizens?

Aaron Bushnell: The US air man who shouted 'Free Palestine' before lighting himself on fire (MEE)

Permalink Nuland: Putin’s Russia is “not the Russia we wanted

Nuland accidentally reveals the true aim of the West in Ukraine | US State Department fixture and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, aka “Regime Change Karen,” apparently woke up one day recently, took the safety off her nuclear-grade mouth, and inadvertently blew up the West’s Ukraine narrative.  Until now, Americans have been told that all the US taxpayer cash being earmarked for Ukrainian aid is to help actual Ukrainians. Anyone notice that the $75 billion American contribution isn’t getting the job done on the battlefield? Victory in military conflict isn’t supposed to look like defeat. Winning also isn’t defined as, “Well, on a long enough time axis, like infinity, our chance of defeat will eventually approach zero.” And the $178 billion in total from all allies combined doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, either. Short of starting a global war with weapons capable of extending the conflict beyond a regional one, it’s not like they’ve been holding back. The West is breaking the bank. All for some vague, future Ukrainian “victory” that they don’t seem to want to clearly define. We keep hearing that the support will last “as long as it takes.” For what exactly? By not clearly defining it, they can keep moving the goal posts. But now here comes Regime Change Karen, dropping some truth bombs on CNN about Ukrainian aid.

Victoria Nuland and the Truth About Ukraine That CNN Will NEVER Show You (whatfinger.com)

Permalink Denmark Finds 'Deliberate Sabotage' of Nord Stream—But Ends Probe With No Charges

The country is the second U.S. ally in the past month to end an investigation into the pipeline explosions. | Denmark became the latest country to close its investigation into the underwater explosions that caused leaks in two pipelines that were built to carry gas from Russia to Germany, with authorities saying they had found that "there was deliberate sabotage" of the infrastructure but would not go further in their probe to confirm who was behind the blasts. [...] Since the gas leaks were discovered in September 2022, seven months after Russia invaded Ukraine, various observers have accused the two countries as well as the United States of being at fault.  The leaks—which experts said led to the single largest release of methane gas due to human activity—were discovered beneath the Baltic Sea, off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm. Seismic institutes found that two explosions had occurred underwater just before the leaks were recorded.

Sweden ends Nord Stream sabotage probe, hands evidence to Germany (aNews)[February 07,2024]
Seymour Hersh: A YEAR OF LYING ABOUT NORD STREAM (09/27/23)
Nord Stream Blast: Why the West Still Can't Name the Culprit (09/26/23)

Permalink Worthy vs. Unworthy Victims: Study Reveals Media’s Selective Coverage of Navalny and Lira

Alan Macleod | Round-the-Clock Coverage vs Radio Silence | A new MintPress News study of media coverage of the deaths of American journalist and commentator Gonzalo Lira and Russian political leader Alexey Navalny has found that the establishment U.S. press overwhelmingly ignored the former and focussed on the latter. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News and CNN collectively ran 731 segments on Navalny between February 16 and February 22, compared to just one on Lira since his death on January 12, perhaps because one was a Western-backed figure who died at the hands of an official enemy state, while the other was a pro-Russian voice who met their end at the hands of the Ukrainian government.  The study compared the coverage of Navalny and Lira’s death in five leading outlets: the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News, and CNN. These outlets were chosen for their reach and influence and, together, could be said to reasonably represent the corporate media spectrum as a whole. The data was compiled using the Dow Jones Factiva news database and searches on the websites of the news organizations. This study takes no position on the matter of Navalny, Lira, or the Russia-Ukraine war.

Ukraine Military Intelligence Chief Says Navalny Died of a Blood Clot (antiwar.com)


Permalink Arab League Shocks the World, Humiliates Israel At ICJ!

Published by We Love Africa on Feb 26, 2024. The video is on Rumble (in case You Tube scrubs it)

Permalink 'Israel' Has No Moral Right To Exist

Robert Inlakesh | n this current war between Gaza and “Israel”, the Zionist army has inflicted a civilian death toll in Gaza that makes Daesh look like a group of humanitarians. | The Israeli regime is unique in its constant need for validation. No other regime is consistently seeking its enemy’s recognition, nor attempting to receive a moral approval for its behavior from its peers. Interestingly, as it always advocates for its position, it puts itself out there for review and if any regime could be divorced from a “right to exist” based upon merit, it would be “Israel”.  What has been committed against the people of Gaza, since last October, is an unprecedented crime in human history. Never before have we seen a people as severely terrorized with modern military equipment as are the people of the Gaza Strip. Whether it be the tonnage of bombs dropped on Gaza, the percentage of the infrastructure destroyed, or even the number of children, women, journalists, medical workers, and other protected groups killed, the Zionist military has broken all records.

Sexual abuse and beatings: A Palestinian mother's ordeal in Israeli custody (MEE)
Amid chaos of war, Israeli soldiers steal everything from jewelry to rugs in Gaza (Press TV)
Israeli forces looting Gaza homes en masse: Israeli media (Al Mayadeen)
Torture tactics 'Israel' uses to kill Palestinian prisoners: Report (02/21/24)

Why Israel Has No ‘Right to Exist’ (Jeremy R. Hammond)
Excuse Me, But Israel Has No Right To Exist (Sharmine Narwani)

Permalink Energy Crisis: The Consequences of Saying No To Russia

EU Urges Continued Gas Conservation Amidst Energy Crisis | In a bid to navigate the ongoing energy crisis exacerbated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission has recommended that member states persist in their efforts to conserve gas supplies. The recommendation, awaiting approval by the Council of the EU, advises nations to uphold voluntary measures aimed at achieving a collective reduction in gas demand by 15 percent compared to the average demand recorded between April 2017 and March 2022.

Permalink Japan Records Largest Population Decline in 2023 as Births Plummet to Record Low

Japan Records Largest Population Decline in 2023 as Births Plummet to Record Low | In a concerning trend for Japan's demographic landscape, the year 2023 saw a significant decline in the number of newborns, marking a record low in the country's history. According to government data reported by Kyodo News, Japan's population shrank by its largest ever margin, with births plummeting by 5.1 percent compared to the previous year, totaling just 758,631 infants.  The continuous decrease in the birth rate has been a worrying trend for Japan, with the figure remaining below the 800,000 mark since 2022. The latest data underscores a critical demographic challenge as Japan grapples with an aging population and declining birth rates.  The decline in births has been attributed to various factors [not to the "vaccine", good heavens, no!], including late marriages and a growing trend of people choosing to remain single. The Japanese government's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research forecasts a further decline in births, estimating that births could fall below 760,000 by 2035. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's administration has labeled the period leading up to 2030 as "the last chance" to reverse this concerning trend.


Permalink Hundreds mourn US airman who self-immolated at Israeli Embassy in protest of Gaza war

'His message needs to get out. And we also need to make sure that we are supporting anybody else that's like Aaron,' says former Army intelligence officer | Hundreds of people came to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. Monday evening to collectively mourn the US airman who died after setting himself ablaze in protest of Israel's ongoing war in Gaza. Many hoped that the death of Aaron Bushnell, 25, an active-duty member of the US Air Force, would spark change in US President Joe Biden's hitherto unwavering support for the war. Bushnell set himself ablaze in front of Israel’s Embassy on Sunday afternoon in protest of its ongoing war in the besieged Gaza Strip and US support for the offensive. He was taken to a hospital but died from the injuries he sustained.

Bushnell immortalized in memory of Palestinians, free people: Hamas (Al Mayadeen)
Who is Aaron Bushnell, the US airman who set himself on fire? (TRT World)
Palestinian deaths in Gaza by Israeli attacks since Oct. 7 near 30,000 (Anadolu)

Permalink NATO troops in Ukraine can’t be ruled out – Macron

The French president has insisted that everything necessary must be done to ensure that Russian forces lose | French President Emmanuel Macron has argued that deployments of troops to Ukraine by NATO members and other allies cannot be ruled out because Western powers must stop at nothing to ensure that Russia does not defeat Kiev’s forces.

💬 “There’s no consensus today to send, in an official manner, troops on the ground,” Macron told reporters after hosting a meeting of European leaders on Monday in Paris. “But in terms of dynamics, we cannot exclude anything. We will do everything necessary to prevent Russia from winning this war.”

France hosted Monday’s summit of Ukraine backers to demonstrate steadfast support and European unity amid concerns that US aid to Kiev may stop, especially if Donald Trump wins this year’s presidential election. Macron said that while Ukraine’s European allies want to avoid escalating the conflict into a direct war with Russia, they agree that they must do more to ensure that Moscow doesn’t win.

French president does not rule out Western soldiers in Ukraine (Anadolu)
Putin restructures Russian armed forces (RT.com)

Permalink Russia arrests billionaire, seizes illegally privatized companies

ChEMK, Kuznetsk Ferroalloys, and the Serov Ferroalloy Plant have all been transferred back to state ownership as the court ruled on the illegality of their privatization in the post-Soviet Union era. | Russian police in Chelyabinsk Region arrested Yury Antipov, who was listed in Forbes's latest Russian billionaires list, yesterday after a regional court seized three of his companies due to claimed irregularities with their privatization in the 1990s.  The local outlet 74.ru announced the arrest, citing a source in one of his companies, the Chelyabinsk electro-metallurgy combine (ChEMK), but Antipov's charges are still ambiguous.  Earlier in the day, a court in Sverdlovsk Region ruled that Antipov's companies were illegally privatized after the dismantling of the Soviet Union and issued an order for the transfer of his companies, ChEMK, Kuznetsk Ferroalloys, and the Serov Ferroalloy Plant back to state ownership.

Russia Implements Six-Month Ban on Gasoline Exports (novinite.com)

Permalink Hezbollah warns Israel: We have exhibited ‘minimum of our capabilities’ so far

A high-ranking Hezbollah official says the Lebanese resistance movement has so far exhibited only the least of its capabilities in terms of military and deterrent power, warning the Israeli regime against taking any further provocative measure on the border with the Arab country.

💬 “We are responding to Israeli acts of aggression and transgression … We are seeking a limited confrontation that would accomplish its objectives. Nevertheless, Hezbollah would not hesitate to deliver a much stinging response in case the Israeli enemy decides to raise the ante,” Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem said.

He was speaking on Monday during a ceremony in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut in commemoration of the fallen commanders and members of the resistance group. He underlined that whatever Hezbollah has employed so far in the course of battles with Israeli forces represents just a fraction of its military and deterrent capabilities.

Hezbollah commander unveils new weapon on Al Mayadeen (Al Mayadeen)
Lebanese escape Israel-Hezbollah war fears to ski slopes (Naharnet/AFP)

Permalink 'Israel' lied again, this time about the 'land bridge' from the UAE

The Israeli occupation is once again caught red-handed after it is shown that it was lying about its land bridge aimed at averting the Yemeni blockade on the Red Sea. | Israeli shipping and supply lines have been of utmost importance for the Resistance in Gaza, as its ports in Asdod and Askalan, key hubs for oil and armament imports, were struck as soon as the Israeli occupation started to bomb Gaza, forcing it to resort to the port of "Eilat", its southernmost settlement.  However, Yemen was not about to laisser vivre a colonialist entity massacring civilians in Gaza, as it imposed a blockade in the Red Sea, which meant the occupation could no longer receive shipments from the south; this was also accompanied by Yemeni strikes on the "Eilat" port, which to say added insult to injury would be an understatement. [...] An investigation by Mondoweiss found that just like "Israel" itself, the land bridge may be a sham in and of itself used by the occupying entity to assure their investors that it was all okay and that the economy was not completely crumbling.

Most UK exporters hit by Red Sea crisis – survey (RT.com)


Permalink Day 142: 29,782 martyred , 70,043 injured in Gaza

Israeli occupation forces commit 10 massacres in 24 hours, martyring 90 Palestinians and injuring 164 others | The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the number of Palestinians martyred since October 7 has risen to 29,782, with 70,043 injured.  Furthermore, Israeli occupation forces committed 10 massacres in the past 24 hours, martyring 90 Palestinians and injuring 164 others.  Hundreds of victims remain under the rubble as the Israeli occupation forces deliberately prevent ambulances and civil defense crews from reaching them.  In a statement released on Saturday, the office warned of an impending catastrophe unless the Israeli genocide is ended and the blockade on Gaza is lifted. The statement explicitly pointed the finger at the United States for the famine unfolding in Gaza.  In further detail, a two-month-old infant named Mahmoud Fattouh was one of the seven infants who died from malnutrition at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as per media accounts. This comes in the aftermath of the United Nations issuing a caution about a potential surge in child fatalities resulting from "Israel's" aggression on the blockaded enclave.

Live blog: UNGA president calls for urgent truce, aid access in Gaza (TRT World)
Israel Denies Visas to Aid Workers as Palestinians in Gaza Die of Starvation (Sputnik News)
Israel has lost the world, as not even its lies can save it (Motasem A Dalloul)

Permalink Passing On The Liability Of The Fake Pandemic And Vaccine Genocide To Three Groups

They have passed on the liability of the worlds most complex genocidal campaigns of all time, onto 3 categories of people. The ones actually performing the actions against our liberties and rights, and the ones who actually performed the genocide.
| Those chosen to fall for the fake pandemic and subsequent vaccine genocide are legally responsible as far as the government is concerned. These are the 3 that will fall legally in some countries. Or at least how they have planned.

  1. The Retail Store Owner, Manager and Employee
  2. The Police Officer And The One Who Gave The Order, and
  3. The One Who Pushed In The Needle

Not the government. [...] But regardless of the lability of the above three mentioned groups; it matters not their scheming legalized attempt at dodging the consequences of their genocidal actions. They have performed genocide. They will be held accountable.

Permalink Who are the Nazis Now?

Theodore Robert Beale | In Clown World’s desperation, their pet politicians have been ordered to openly destroy every genuine element of economic freedom and democracy in a futile attempt to save what they call “democracy” but is obviously and observably against the will of the people. | This is exactly the sort of thing that Tucker Carlson exposed in the interview quoted in the previous post entitled The Inversion of Democracy and it’s been going on for several years now. But something has changed, because these clowns, who are some of the least popular people in the country, are now openly declaring war against the entire German people. Suddenly Vladimir Putin’s crusade to de-nazify Europe is making a lot more sense. There is no one more rabidly fascist than a self-righteous neo-liberal.

Germany announces wide-ranging plans to restrict the speech, travel and economic activity of political dissidents, in order to better control the "thought and speech patterns" of its own people (egyppius)

Permalink The Third Economic Destruction of Germany

Theodore Robert Beale | The combination of financially backing the EU, supporting NATO’s Russian sanctions, the primitive Green agenda, and the importation of millions of economically net-negative immigrants has finally overwhelmed what was once one of the world’s great economic engines | The biggest lie that the neoliberal economists ever told was that immigration is good for the economy. While immigration can be good for the economy, such as when you’re replacing Native American nomads, African slaves, and Irish indentured servants with hard-working German immigrants, the 20th century movement of peoples has proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that replacing Northern Europeans with any other population is very, very bad for the economy in every sense of the term, including by the most basic GDP-per-capita metric.  To say that “immigration is good for GDP” is a literal tautology, because GDP increases with the addition of every single economic actor. Of course, it does with every dollar of debt too, and yet no one is dumb enough – a few professional neo-Keynesians aside – to claim that “debt is good for the economy”. But in both cases, the historical data proves – does not suggest, proves – that mass immigration is reliably very, very bad for an industrial economy.

Electricity, Heating, Fuel Costs in Germany Jump 41% in 3 Years - Reports (Sputnik News)


Permalink “Israel” Prepares for War with Lebanon with Navy Drills

Announcing that “Israel” is preparing for potential war with Lebanon, the entity’s Navy fleet of missile boats carried out “extensive” exercises over the past week. | This comes as the “Israeli” entity’s Foreign ministry warned that its patience for a diplomatic solution is running out.  The “Israeli” army said the Navy drills simulated fighting in the northern maritime theater, and some exercises were carried out alongside the “Israeli” Air Force, including the 193rd Squadron which operates the AS565 Panther helicopters, primarily used for missions at sea.  Among the scenarios that were drilled included foiling drone attacks, aerial rescue operations from vessels, and refueling the missile boats at sea.  Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned Friday that “Israel” “will not be patient much longer for a diplomatic solution in the north.”

Israeli DM: Ceasefire in Gaza Would Mean Escalation in Lebanon (antiwar.com)
Preparing for Darkness: If War Breaks with Lebanon, 60% of ‘Israel’ To Remain without Electricity (02/23/24)

Permalink 52 States address ICJ hearing on Israel’s practices in Palestine

No fewer than 52 States and three International Organisations have provided comments and presentations on the legal consequences of Israel’s policies and practices in Occupied Palestinian Territory. | The UN correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the states made their presentations during the public hearing at the International Court of Justice, based on the UN General Assembly’s request for an advisory opinion. The hearing, which began on Monday, is expected to close on Feb. 26. Filed before the ongoing four-month-old war in Gaza began, the case triggered heated commentary even before the court’s president, Judge Nawaf Salam, opened the hearings. The General Assembly submitted two specific questions to the World Court in its December 2022 request.

UN Experts Call for Immediate Arms Embargo on “Israel” (Alahed News)
ENTIRE Global South stands against US and Apartheid Israel at ICJ War Crimes Hearings (02/23/24)

Permalink Under new general, Russia’s Wagner makes deeper inroads into Libya

Using a new avatar of the paramilitary group, Putin is strengthening Russia’s presence in the North African country. | With the gaze of much of the world fixed on the carnage unfolding in Gaza, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin continues to expand his country’s reach in Africa.  Russia, in the form of the private military contractor (PMC) Wagner, has been a growing presence in Libya since at least 2018, when the group was first reported to be training troops under renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar, leader of the Libyan National Army, forces belonging to the eastern of the country’s two parliaments. But, following the death of Wagner’s founder and former Putin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin, after his failed coup in Russia last year, the fate of the paramilitary force in Libya and Africa seemed uncertain.

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