Permalink Euro-Med: Israeli army entertains settlers by allowing them to witness torture of Gazans

The Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor announced receiving new shocking testimonies from recently released Palestinian prisoners revealing that Israeli occupation army brought groups of Jewish settlers to detention centers and prisons to witness how detainees from the Gaza Strip are tortured, allowing many of them to film prisoners using their mobile phones. | The Jewish settlers enjoyed witnessing the torture rounds of Palestinian prisoners with all types of ill and inhumane treatment, the released detainees told Euro-Med Monitor. [...] The prisoners were detained for varying periods inside a detention center in Zikim military base on the northern border of the Gaza Strip, and another detention center near the Negev prison in the south, after they were rounded up in the Israeli occupation army’s ground incursions into the Strip.  The Euro-Med explained that, according to the testimonies it received, groups of Jewish settlers, ranging from 10 to 20 people in each group, were allowed to watch and take photos of Palestinian prisoners who were held naked while being subjected to beating with metal batons and electric sticks by Israeli soldiers who poured hot water over their heads, amid verbal insults and threats in Arabic.

Suffering to Death: Mohammad Al-Sabbar 8th Palestinian Detainee Martyred behind ‘Israeli’ Bars since Oct.7
Settlers attended IOF 'nude torture' of detained Gazans: Euro-med (Al Mayadeen)
War on Gaza: The Discovery of a Mass Grave (02/10/24)
War on Gaza: Anger grows over viral image of wounded Palestinian stripped to underwear (02/07/24)
‘Torture was severe’: Gaza doctor recounts ordeal in Israeli captivity (02/06/24)

Permalink Finland's newly elected president to continue support for Ukraine

Finland has supported Ukraine since 2022 on various levels, from humanitarian aid to military aid packages worth €1.8 billion | Finland's newly elected President Alexander Stubb has said that he will continue to support Ukraine. "I would like to continue the line of [outgoing President] Sauli Niinisto," Stubb said at a press briefing, answering a question on his position on Ukraine. The broadcast was carried by Finnish media. Finland has supported Ukraine since 2022 on various levels, from humanitarian aid to military aid packages worth €1.8 billion. Stubb was elected Finland's 13th president in a runoff election on February 11 and will be inaugurated on March 1.

Former Finnish premier Stubb reveals his CIA-contacts as Plame and Lavery (UMV-LEHTI)
Do Russians know everything about Alexander Stubb’s cooperation with the CIA? (UMV-LEHTI)
Mad Rush Into NATO: Is Finland's President-Elect Racing to Confront Russia? (Ekaterina Blinova)
Kremlin skeptical about Finland’s president-elect (RT.com)(12 Feb, 2024)

Permalink Par in parem non habet imperium

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) (Дмитрий Медведев) | Generally speaking, usually leaders of states do not comment on the topic of interviews of their colleagues from other countries. It is not a tsarist matter. It is easier to make a statement rather than comment on someone else's. After all, all leaders of states are equal in status, at least from the point of view of international law. And it says so: par in parem non habet imperium.

And [yet] here we are. The two most important politicians of our time - the strange Briton Sunak and the pure-blooded Kraut Scholz - began to evaluate the Russian President's interview with Tucker Carlson. They didn't like it and they didn't like the arguments. [In fact,] they didn't like anything at all. [Well], what can I say?

1. The medicine hit the target precisely, since some leaders of the Western world had prolonged liquid diarrhea.
2. An excellent Russian history lesson was conducted, listening to which many citizens of Western countries for the first time found "Ukraine" on the world map, and the American grandfather Dementius frantically remembered not only his name, but also who was the first President of the United States. Napoleon? Churchill? Frank Sinatra? Ah, well, of course, Chingachgook!
3. In the near future, all these Sunaks, Scholts, Macrons (aka Mitterrand in Grandpa Dementia's case) and other Bidens will change their soiled diapers and straighten their sagging shoulders, but their verbal diarrhea will continue. For that is their main daily job. It's what they present to their constituents. And in this they have no equal ...(DeepL + LanguageTool)

Carlson's Interview: Putin and Trump Seen as 'Threat' by Davos Globalists – Wall Street Analyst (Sputnik News)
Key points from Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin (02/09/24)

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