Permalink War on Gaza: Anger grows over viral image of wounded Palestinian stripped to underwear

In the image released by an Israeli soldier, blood can be seen flowing from the leg of the shackled Palestinian man as the soldier towers over him | Anger is mounting over an image released by an Israeli soldier towering over a stripped, bound and wounded Palestinian man in the besieged Gaza Strip.  In the undated image uploaded to Instagram by Yosee Gamzoo, who is the apparent photographer of the scene, the Palestinian man’s hands are tied behind his back as blood pours from a wound in his leg at a school in Gaza City. Gamzoo has since deleted the post as well as his Instagram account after the image went viral and was widely shared by pro-Palestinian accounts.  Several social media users condemned the photo, with some likening it to images from Abu Ghraib where Iraqi detainees were humiliated and tortured by American guards. "This is one of the most moral armies," journalist Dima Halwani sarcastically tweeted as she shared the photo.  On Monday, US State Department spokesman Vedant Patel called the image "deeply troubling" but deferred questions about violations of humanitarian law in relation to the Israeli military. "I have no knowledge or information as it relates to the circumstances surrounding that incident," Patel said.  Late last year, images shared by Israeli soldiers caused widespread anger as they showed scores of blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian men in Gaza City who were forced to strip down to their underwear. Israeli media had claimed the images were of Hamas members surrendering themselves. However, among them were doctors, teachers and journalists, including Diaa al-Kahlout, a correspondent for Araby al-Jadeed.

‘Torture was severe’: Gaza doctor recounts ordeal in Israeli captivity (02/06/24)


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