Permalink Gaza death toll close to 27,000 as Israeli siege tightens on hospitals

Israeli shelling has again targeted the Nasser Hospital, which has been besieged for days, Al Mayadeen's correspondent reported. | On the 118th day of Israeli aggression on Gaza, numerous Palestinians were killed and several others sustained injuries. Local Palestinian media outlets reported that the western region of Gaza City, including the Remal neighborhood and Tal al-Hawa, witnessed Israeli invading forces launching missiles, gunfire, and shelling, resulting in casualties. Concurrently, ambulances faced challenges reaching the affected areas to transport the injured to al-Shifa Hospital. In addition, casualties occurred when Israeli warplanes targeted two houses in al-Zeitoun neighborhood.

Israeli invading forces burning Gaza homes to make Strip uninhabitable (Al Mayadeen)
Thousands of displaced Gazans lack food, water in Khan Younis, Health Ministry warns (aNews)
“Israel” Likely Dropped 1,000-pound Bomb on UK Doctors in Gaza (Alahed News)
UN: Israeli war renders Gaza ‘uninhabitable;’ restoration will take ‘decades’ (PressTV)

Hossein Askari | Only criminally insane minds can cause so much panic in Gaza | Israeli rulers, even those considered rather moderate, have been seeking a plan to depopulate Palestinians from their motherland. Probably the October 7 attack by Hamas on southern Israel provided the ill-wishers in Israel with an excuse to go ahead with the plan more speedily and more cruelly.  Punishing an entire 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip for the October 7 attack has no justification. Only mad persons and those who formulate vicious plots in their minds can cause so much tragedy for hundreds of thousands of people.

Gaza war lays bare the immorality of the Western world (Tehran Times Editorial) The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, claimed that the Hamas attack of October 7 did not happen in a vacuum. If not in a vacuum, what was in that space?  Israel’s 80 years of Zionist cruelty began with the confiscation of land and other property and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with no compensation who were also prohibited from ever returning to their homes; a settler rule that is aptly characterized by inhumanity, random incarceration, torture and murder; with Gaza the largest prison in the world, holding 2.3 million Palestinians, isolated from the rest of the world; and administered by Israel, an apartheid state with three sets of laws—one for Israeli Jews, another for Israeli Arabs and yet another for non-Israeli Palestinians. The perfect definition of apartheid and arguably worse than what we witnessed in South Africa as claimed by the late Archbishop Tutu.

Permalink Russia to expand Ukraine’s ‘demilitarized zone’ – Putin

Moscow’s forces must ensure Kiev’s troops cannot strike Russian cities with Western longer-range weapons, the president has said | Russia needs to create a large “demilitarized zone” in Ukraine, one that is big enough to ensure no longe-range weapons can strike Russian cities, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.  Russian border regions have been subjected to frequent drone and missile attacks, as well as shelling by the Ukrainian military, since the start of the conflict between Kiev and Moscow. One of the deadliest attacks took place on December 30, when Kiev’s forces struck the Russian border city of Belgorod with multiple rocket launchers, including the RM-70 Vampire – an upgraded heavier version of the Soviet BM-21 Grad system.  A strike in December claimed the lives of 25 people, including children, and left more than 100 injured. In January, another massive strike hit the city of Donetsk, killing 27 civilians. Both attacks were condemned by the UN.

US pushing Ukraine to new atrocities – Moscow (RT.com)
Chinese defense chief promises support to Russia on ‘Ukrainian issue’ (RT.com)

Permalink Ukrainian forces sink Ivanovets Russian missile ship, Ukrainian intelligence says

Ukraine on Thursday claimed that its forces sunk a Russian missile ship belonging to Moscow's Black Sea fleet. | A statement by Ukraine's Defense Intelligence (HUR) said that the Tarantul-class corvette called Ivanovets was sunk by special HUR units overnight. "The operation was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the United24 platform," the statement added. It said the corvette was patrolling the Black Sea near Lake Donuzlav near the Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow illegally annexed in 2014, when a series of direct hits to the ship's hull caused damage, resulting in it sinking.

Ukraine claims drones sank Russian ship in Black Sea (Irish Examiner)
EU leaders agree on additional €50B support package for Ukraine (Anadolu)

Permalink US, UK launch new strikes on Yemen amid frustration with anti-Israel campaign

The United States and Britain have conducted new strikes on Yemen as the Arab country continues its maritime campaign in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip amid an Israeli genocide. | Yemen’s al-Masirah television network reported that the air raids targeted Yemen’s western provinces of Sa’ada and Hudaydah on Wednesday evening and Thursday at dawn, respectively. Meanwhile, local sources said the American warplanes that bombed Yemen had flown from a US military base in Bahrain. In a statement, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) claimed that its aerial assaults had hit an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground control station and 10 one-way drones in Yemen. It also alleged that the targets “presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and the US Navy ships in the region.

New US, British Aggression on Yemen (Alahed News)
Yemeni forces target US Navy destroyer in Red Sea with missiles: Army spokesman (PressTV)
Red Sea crisis exposing EU energy weakness – FT (RT.com)

Permalink Russian Investigators Find Fragments of MIM-104A Patriot Missiles at Il-76 Crash Site

President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday that Russian investigators had determined that Ukraine used a US-made Patriot missile system to bring down an Ilyushin Il-76 transport plane full of Ukrainian prisoners of war on January 24. | The Russian Investigative Committee has identified missile fragments found near the Il-76 crash site in Belgorod region. 💬 "Based on the conclusion of examinations carried out during the investigation, the fragments seized from the scene of the incident, based on their design features, geometric characteristics and available markings, are structural elements of the MIM-104A anti-aircraft guided missile of the US Patriot complex, developed by the Raytheon and Hughes corporations, and produced by Raytheon," the Investigative Committee said in a summary of findings released Thursday.

All victims of Ukrainian POW plane crash identified – investigators (RT.com)
Russia's investigative committee says Il-76 plane crash result of missiles fired by Patriot system (Anadolu)
Russian lawmakers to call on US Congress to hold those behind Il-76 downing responsible (TASS)
Putin: Ukraine Downed Russian Il-76 Full of Ukrainian PoWs Using US-Made Patriot Missile System (01/31/24)
Black box data confirms external impact on Il-76 near Belgorod — source (01/30/24)

Permalink Israeli soldier says to become a ‘moral army’ they must execute all Arab

Israeli soldier Chai Hamo said the Israeli army is not yet a moral army, as to be moral is to kill all Palestinians after interrogating them and to ‘flatten and conquer all parts of Israel’. In the video he recorded and posted to his Facebook account, he said the Israeli army killed ‘tens of thousands of Amalek’ and destroyed the vast majority of Gaza. Instagram Video

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