Permalink Hundreds killed in Rafah bombardment as Israel plans ground assault

Ben-Gvir calls on Israel army to shoot Gaza’s children, women (MEMO)

Permalink Israeli massacre in Rafah kills at least 100 Palestinians

Israeli occupation airstrikes on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza kill and injure hundreds of Gazans in a new massacre. | Al Mayadeen's correspondent reported Monday that Israeli occupation forces committed a major massacre in Rafah early this morning, with most of the victims being children and women.  Our correspondent said that Israeli occupation warplanes launched more than 50 airstrikes on Rafah, noting that the occupation forces used internationally prohibited incendiary missiles in its airstrikes.  Palestinian medical sources said that at least 100 people were martyred and more than 230 were wounded in heavy Israeli strikes on the city of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip.  According to the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), Israeli warplanes carried out a series of heavy airstrikes on various parts of southern Gaza, focusing on the center of Rafah.  The PRCS emphasized that the Israeli airstrikes targeted populated homes, warning that what happened signals a major catastrophe.  Palestinian media reported that Israeli occupation forces targeted the al-Houda Mosque in the Yibna camp in Rafah, as well as the al-Rahma Mosque, where a large number of displaced Gazans were taking shelter.

Ben-Gvir calls on Israel army to shoot Gaza’s children, women (MEMO)
Live: Hundreds killed and wounded in Rafah bombarded as Israel plans ground assault (MEE)
War on Gaza: Palestinians in Rafah run out of shelters as Israel threatens assault (MEE)
“Israel’s” Barbarism Martyrs nearly 100 Palestinians in Gaza’s Rafah (Alahed News)
Hamas says Israel’s Rafah massacre ‘genocidal’ as regime uses ‘banned weapons’ (PressTV)
Israel-Palestine live: Warnings mount against planned Israeli Rafah assault (02/11/24)
164 Dead, 230 Injured (and Rising) in Overnight Bombing of Rafah (Hal Turner)

Permalink Drugs for Western Pharma Firms Tested on Mariupol Psychiatric Patients for Years

Rheumatological drugs had been allegedly tested for several years on patients of the Mariupol hospital's psychiatric ward at the request of major Western pharmaceutical companies and with the assistance of Ukrainian officials, according to documents seen by Sputnik. | These documents were discovered by builders in the basement of hospital No. 7 in Mariupol during its restoration.  The documents belonged to the psychiatric ward of the hospital and were drafted in 2008-2016. According to the initial inspection of the documents, it can be seen that certain drugs with numbers and without proper titles were tested on humans.  The primary purpose of the research was to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug in relation to the proportion of patients who achieved the response according to the criteria of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).

Such companies like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Celltrion, Novatris International AG, IQVIA, Sanofi, Galapagos NV, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, AbbottLaboratories, Covance, Merck KGaA, CentocorBiopharmaceutical and a branch of Samsung that produces medical equipment were mentioned in the documents.

Permalink Sweden under fire for suspending financial support to UNRWA

Sweden under fire for suspending financial support to UNRWA | Sweden has come under sharp criticism from a number of experts over its decision to suspend financial support to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, or UNRWA, due to Tel Aviv’s allegations that some of its staff members were involved in Hamas’s Oct. 7 military operation against Israel. 💬 "It is catastrophic that Sweden has cut humanitarian aid to UNRWA, above all because it has not even seen any evidence of Israel's accusations," Beatrice Fihn, a lawyer and former executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) who specializes in international law and works for the law firm Lex International in Geneva, told the local Expressen newspaper. "There is no other organization that has the built-up capacity to get the necessary help out quickly,” Fihn added.

Permalink Mongolian dzud: Extreme weather puts 90% of country at ‘high risk’

The ongoing “white and iron” dzud in Mongolia has reached a “critical” level, with over 90 per cent of the country facing high levels of risk from the unique weather phenomenon, UN agencies have reported. | About 190,000 herder households are struggling with inadequate feed, skyrocketing prices and heightened vulnerabilities, according to the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Mongolia. Herding and livestock have traditionally been integral to Mongolia’s economy, culture and way of life. Estimates indicate that there are over 64 million livestock this winter season in Mongolia. “The increasing severity of weather conditions further exacerbates the crisis, underscoring the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and sustainable solutions to support Mongolia's rural communities and traditional livelihoods,” the Office said in an update this week. This is the second year in a row that the country has faced these severe conditions. Last winter about 70 per cent of the country was affected.

Mongolia: Severe Winter - Iron Dzud 2024 (As of 6 February 2024) (reliefweb)
The Dangers of Dzud, Mongolia’s Lethal Winters (National Geographic)

Permalink Maariv: The Israeli army seizes [steals] 200 million shekels from the Bank of Palestine in Gaza

The Israeli army seizes 200 million shekels from the Bank of Palestine in Gaza | The Israeli army seizes 200 million shekels from the Bank of Palestine in Gaza. Millions of funds seized by occupation soldiers were scheduled to be sent to the Palestinian Authority. Israeli army officials told the newspaper that the operation to seize Palestinian funds took place after soldiers came under fire from a sniper in the vicinity of the bank. As of yesterday, Saturday, the Israeli war on Gaza had left 28,176 martyrs and 67,784 injured - most of them children and women.

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