Permalink Air strike from Israeli captives rescue wipes out Palestinian family

The air attacks early on Monday provided cover for Israeli troops rescuing two hostages elsewhere in the city of Rafah. | Ibrahim Hasouna trudged over the rubble of his destroyed house, pointing out where family moments had taken place – where his mother and sister-in-law used to sleep, where he played with his five-year-old nieces, where he helped his one-year-old nephew take his first steps. His entire family is now dead – his parents, his two brothers, and the wife and three children of one of those brothers. The house, reduced to rubble came down on top of them in the barrage of air strikes that Israeli warplanes inflicted across Rafah before dawn on Monday.  The attack was cover for an extraction by ground troops of two hostages held in the city that sits on the southern Gaza border.

LIVE: Deadly sniper attacks on Nasser Hospital (Al Jazeera)
Live blog: Death toll in Israel's deadly Gaza onslaught hits 28,576 (aNews)
US-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza enters day 131 (The Palestinian Information Center)
Worried about situation unfolding at Nasser hospital in Khan Younis: Doctors Without Borders (Anadolu)
3 Palestinians killed inside besieged hospital in Khan Younis by Israeli fire (Anadolu)

Permalink Gaza yesterday (1988), Gaza today...

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THE EXPRESSION OF HATRED FOR GENTILES (Richard Edmondson/Nahida Izzat) (10/04/14)

Permalink Dictatorship In Russia: Putin signs law on seizing property of those who ‘discredit' Russian military

Russia’s State Duma unanimously adopted bill late January, which seeks to seize property of those who 'discredit' security forces | Russian President Dictator Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a law adopted by the parliament in late January to seize the property of those who “discredit” the security forces. The law, published on the government portal, amends Russia’s Criminal Code and expands the list of crimes for which the confiscation of one’s property may be provided, including knowingly disseminating "false information" about the country's security forces.  The law refers to crimes committed specifically "for selfish reasons", and calls for the confiscation of a convicted person’s money, valuables, or other property that they received because of committing a crime or used for activities directed against "Russia’s security". The Russian State Duma, the lower house of the country’s parliament, adopted the bill unanimously during a session on Jan. 31 in the second and third readings.

Putin signs law on confiscation of property for disseminating fake news about Russian army (TASS)

EDITOR: This is a Russia we can no longer support. Vague concepts like 'discredit', 'false information', and this one: 'for selfish reasons' (that's a good one) are unacceptable in a democracy. — Extraordinary! And of course the traditional one, 'Russia's security'. The group mind behind a parliament adopting something like this unanimously certainly is scary, and would indicate a final goodbye to democratic ideals.  Now there's a military dictatorship in Russia, one with a civilian façade. — A captive president and a totalitarian parliament. A war state.  This certainly doesn't bode well for the future. From here on, it is a race to the bottom. One is reminded of William Butler Yeats' remarkable poem "The Second Coming": "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold." — Darkness is indeed falling on this world. (AWIP, 02/14/24)

Permalink Top European bankers have secret club – FT

The Institut International d’Etudes Bancaires was set up in the aftermath of World War II to foster closer ties among financial institutions | For more than seven decades, a secretive and highly influential organization has been bringing together the heads of Europe’s largest banks twice a year at luxury hotels and royal palaces across the continent to discuss global policymaking among other issues, according to a report by the Financial Times on Monday. The article highlighted that the existence of the Institut International d’Etudes Bancaires (IIEB) is barely known outside its membership while the group has no website and its meeting agendas are not made public. Members are reportedly discouraged from sharing details of the discussions.

Inside Europe’s most secretive gilded banking society (Financial Review)

Permalink UK Labour Party suspends candidate for speaking up against 'Israel'

This is the second candidate the party has suspended this week for having pro-Palestine views and speaking up against the Israeli occupation. | UK's Labour Party suspended a candidate yesterday for the upcoming general election, Graham Jones, for a published recording of him sharing a negative and disapproving opinion of "Israel." Jones is currently under investigation. [...] Before this incident, the party also cut off Azhar Ali, another candidate because of another recording of him criticizing "Israel." The party's current leader, Keir Starmer, stated after Jones's suspension, "When I say the Labour Party has changed under my leadership, I meant it," in an attempt to distance himself from the position of the party's former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who was pro-Palestine.

A wave of resignations shakes Labour party over Gaza (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink Report calls for limits on air travel: This is part of broader globalist plan to ‘ration’ travel of all kinds — no more unlimited planes, trains or automobiles for the serfs

According to CNN Travel: “Holidaymakers should prepare to change their travel habits now, before this change is forced upon them.” | CNN reports that “The negative impacts of tourism on the environment have become so severe that some are suggesting drastic changes to our travel habits are inevitable.”  The cable news network cites a 2023 report titled A Sustainable Future for Travel, in which the globalists lay out their entire plan to limit our freedom of movement. They always tell us their plans. So few pay attention. Most people would rather live in denial and deception.  In this report, tour operator Intrepid Travel proposed that “carbon passports” will soon become a reality if the tourism industry hopes to survive. What is a carbon passport?

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