Permalink Hezbollah warns Israel: We have exhibited ‘minimum of our capabilities’ so far

A high-ranking Hezbollah official says the Lebanese resistance movement has so far exhibited only the least of its capabilities in terms of military and deterrent power, warning the Israeli regime against taking any further provocative measure on the border with the Arab country.

💬 “We are responding to Israeli acts of aggression and transgression … We are seeking a limited confrontation that would accomplish its objectives. Nevertheless, Hezbollah would not hesitate to deliver a much stinging response in case the Israeli enemy decides to raise the ante,” Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem said.

He was speaking on Monday during a ceremony in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut in commemoration of the fallen commanders and members of the resistance group. He underlined that whatever Hezbollah has employed so far in the course of battles with Israeli forces represents just a fraction of its military and deterrent capabilities.

Hezbollah commander unveils new weapon on Al Mayadeen (Al Mayadeen)
Lebanese escape Israel-Hezbollah war fears to ski slopes (Naharnet/AFP)


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