Permalink 'Israel' Has No Moral Right To Exist

Robert Inlakesh | n this current war between Gaza and “Israel”, the Zionist army has inflicted a civilian death toll in Gaza that makes Daesh look like a group of humanitarians. | The Israeli regime is unique in its constant need for validation. No other regime is consistently seeking its enemy’s recognition, nor attempting to receive a moral approval for its behavior from its peers. Interestingly, as it always advocates for its position, it puts itself out there for review and if any regime could be divorced from a “right to exist” based upon merit, it would be “Israel”.  What has been committed against the people of Gaza, since last October, is an unprecedented crime in human history. Never before have we seen a people as severely terrorized with modern military equipment as are the people of the Gaza Strip. Whether it be the tonnage of bombs dropped on Gaza, the percentage of the infrastructure destroyed, or even the number of children, women, journalists, medical workers, and other protected groups killed, the Zionist military has broken all records.

Sexual abuse and beatings: A Palestinian mother's ordeal in Israeli custody (MEE)
Amid chaos of war, Israeli soldiers steal everything from jewelry to rugs in Gaza (Press TV)
Israeli forces looting Gaza homes en masse: Israeli media (Al Mayadeen)
Torture tactics 'Israel' uses to kill Palestinian prisoners: Report (02/21/24)

Why Israel Has No ‘Right to Exist’ (Jeremy R. Hammond)
Excuse Me, But Israel Has No Right To Exist (Sharmine Narwani)


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