Permalink 11 killed in Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon

Eleven people, including four civilians, have been killed after the Zionist regime's warplanes struck the Nabatieh region in southern Lebanon. | The death toll was announced by Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen news network early on Thursday. Other news reports said a Hezbollah fighter was among those killed.  Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera earlier said that a mother and daughter were among the civilians killed while over a dozen other people were injured in the bombing. This is the second attack of the Zionist regime on residential areas in southern Lebanon and the killing of civilians and family members in the past 24 hours.  A family consisting of a mother and her 2 children were martyred in an Israeli bombing of the Savannah area on Wednesday evening.  The regime’s warplanes pounded other southern regions of Lebanon that caused material damage but no casualties.

Hezbollah vows to retaliate after 10 civilians die in Israeli airstrikes (LBC News)


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