Permalink 'Israel' bombs Nasser Medical Complex killing patient, orders evac

The Israeli occupation forces breached the Nasser Medical Complex and forced people sheltering there to evacuate. | In a recent development, Israeli occupation forces reportedly entered the premises of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, opening fire in its medical departments and urging the injured to evacuate. Al Mayadeen's correspondent in the Gaza Strip highlighted the pressure on injured individuals to evacuate the area.  Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza also verified that Israeli forces targeted the orthopedic department within the premises of Nasser Medical Complex, resulting in the death of one of the injured and injuries sustained by several patients.

Israeli forces kill Palestinian after telling him to warn others to evacuate hospital (MEE)
'Israel' bombs Nasser Medical Complex killing patient, orders evac (Al Mayadeen)
Sewage water flooding Nasser Hospit., food runs out amid Israeli siege (Al Mayadeen)


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