Permalink 'Journalism is Not a Crime': Experts Lambast EU Media Freedom Act

The European Media Freedom Act envisages installing spyware on journalists' phones for the sake of "national security". Sputnik sat down with some international observers to discuss how the provision correlates with the act's name and basic European principles. | 💬 "There is no legitimate reason to spy on journalists," Lucy Komisar, an investigative journalist based in New York, told Sputnik. "Remember, this law targets people identified as journalists, not as spies or terrorists or criminals. Journalism is not a crime, unless Julian Assange does it. The real reason is to protect government officials from journalists reporting on officials’ misguided policies, abuses and corruption. It’s quite ironic in view of the EU’s self-congratulatory rules trumpeted as protecting peoples’ data from tech companies. Stealing data when a company does it is bad, stealing audio and written text when a government does it is just fine."

Permalink UN Documents Rampant Torture of Civilians by Ukrainian Security Forces

According to the UN report, dozens of civilians were tortured "in official pre-trial detention facilities" | The United Nations has recorded a significant increase in law violations by Ukrainian security forces since start of Russia’s special military operation, the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) said in a report on Tuesday.  "Since 24 February 2022, OHCHR has documented a significant increase in violations of the right to liberty and security of person by Ukrainian security forces. Out of the overall number of such cases, OHCHR documented 75 cases 92 of arbitrary detention of civilians (17 women, 57 men and 1 boy), some of which also amounted to enforced disappearances, mostly perpetrated by law enforcement authorities or the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the report read.

Permalink Putin Tells Military They Actually Prevented Civil War

Vladimir Putin thanked all personnel of the Russian Armed Forces, as well as the country's law enforcement agencies and special services for their courage and loyalty to the Russian people. | Military units who took part in the suppression of the attempted armed mutiny on June 24 actually stopped the civil war in Russia, and acted clearly and harmoniously, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. 💬 "You defended the constitutional order, the life, security and freedom of our citizens. You saved our motherland from upheavals, actually stopped civil war. In a difficult situation, you acted clearly and harmoniously; through your deeds, you proved your loyalty to the people of Russia and the military oath," Putin said in his address to the security forces who were suppressing the rebellion.

Putin to give address that will 'influence the fate of Russia' – Kremlin (06/26/23)
LIVE UPDATES: Security Boosted in Several Russian Regions Following Coup Attempt (06/24/23)

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