Permalink MP Andrew Bridgen - Last Man Standing

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Füellmich and Prof. Joseph Molitorisz, philosopher, have a detailed and very illuminating conversation with Andrew Bridgen MP, a British politician and businessman who also holds a degree in Microbiology. Bridgen has served as Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010. He attended the University of North London, where he also studied Law and Politics. After graduating, he worked in various roles in the financial services, including as a stockbroker, before starting his own company in property management.

Permalink Djokovic stirs controversy with message about Kosovo clashes at French Open

💬 “As a son of a man born in Kosovo, I feel the need to give my support to our people and to the entire Serbia.” + "My stance is clear: I am against wars, violence and any kind of conflict, as I’ve always stated publicly. I empathise with all people, but the situation with Kosovo is a precedent in international law."

Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic brought the political controversy and communal tensions in his nation into the limelight at the French Open yesterday following his first-round victory. The tense situation developed after ethnic Albanian mayors took office in northern Kosovo's Serb majority area after elections the Serbs had boycotted.  In Zvecan, one of the towns, Kosovo police - staffed by ethnic Albanians after Serbs quit the force last year - sprayed pepper gas to repel a crowd of Serbs who broke through a security barricade and tried to force their way into the municipality building, witnesses said. Serb protesters in Zvecan threw tear gas and stun grenades at NATO soldiers. Serbs also clashed with police in Zvecan and spray-painted NATO vehicles with the letter "Z", referring to a Russian sign used in war in Ukraine. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Serbia and its traditional ally Russia do not recognise Kosovo’s independence, and Moscow has blocked the country’s bid to become a member of the United Nations.

Vučić for CNN: Serbs have been shot at five times; "People determined to fight" (b92) + VIDEO

Permalink Weapon US gave Ukraine spotted in cartel hands – Mexican media

A Gulf Cartel member was filmed with what Milenio TV said was a Javelin anti-tank missile | A militant wearing the insignia of Mexico’s notorious Gulf Cartel (Cartel Del Golfo, CDG) was filmed in the state of Tamaulipas carrying a US-made anti-tank missile launcher. Milenio TV identified the weapon as a Javelin, thousands of which were sent to Ukraine by the Pentagon.  Footage filmed in Matamoros on Monday and aired on Tuesday evening by the news channel Milenio TV showed a man with CDG patches armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and a missile they said was the Raytheon-made FGM-148.  Over 10,000 Javelins from Pentagon stockpiles have been sent to Ukraine since last February, to the point where the US military has begun to run out of the missiles itself. Milenio presenter Azucena Uresti noted on Twitter that the estimated value of a Javelin launcher on the black market was anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000, while the average cost of a missile was about $30,000. Keen-eyed military experts believe the weapon in the Milenio footage may actually be the AT-4, a Swedish-made disposable anti-tank launcher, which is also in use by the US military and likewise supplied to Ukraine by the thousands.  Russia has repeatedly warned the US and its allies not to “stuff” Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, both because this risked a direct confrontation and since nonexistent controls would result in the weapons ending up in the criminal underworld.

Permalink Le principal transporteur maritime indien de pétrole russe perd ses certifications, au moment où l’UE menace l’Inde de sanctions

La société indienne Gatik Ship Management, l’un des plus importants transporteurs de pétrole russe en Europe depuis le début de la guerre en Ukraine, est sur le point de perdre la certification pour 21 de ses navires auprès de Lloyd's Register, société britannique de classification qui fournit des documents essentiels pour entrer dans les ports. | L’annonce, relayée par Reuters, intervient quelques jours après l’avertissement du chef de la diplomatie européenne, Josep Borrell, contre les produits raffinés fabriqués par l’Inde à partir de pétrole russe. Il s’agit, a-t-il affirmé, d’un “contournement” des sanctions internationales.  Basée à Mumbai, la Gatik ship Management, qualifiée de “société mystérieuse” par plusieurs médias, y compris indiens, s’est développée de manière fulgurante depuis l’invasion russe de l’Ukraine, devenant l'un des principaux transporteurs de pétrole de la Russie vers l'Inde en douze mois à peine. La société est passée de la possession de quelques navires à 58 pétroliers, s’invitant ainsi dans un club exclusif de seulement 20 entreprises sur 14 000 à être dotées d’une flotte de plus de 50 navires.

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