Permalink Britain secretly turned Gibraltar into major NATO spy base

A formerly secret UK military report reveals that Gibraltar’s “main value” to Britain during the Cold War was its role as a covert NATO military and intelligence outpost – which it kept hidden from Spain. | Britain secretly used its overseas territory of Gibraltar as a NATO spying base during the Cold War, it can be revealed. The revelations come from a secret report drawn up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 1972. It shows how NATO paid for a spy facility inside the Rock of Gibraltar and operated a secret underwater maritime headquarters in seas around the territory.  The new information could increase tensions with Spain as it is not clear whether these assets still exist. Spain has long claimed Gibraltar and attempts to restrict its use as a military and intelligence base.  The MoD report was titled “The Strategic Importance of Gibraltar to the United Kingdom” and submitted to Peter Carrington, defence secretary in Edward Heath’s government.  Using Gibraltar as a NATO spy base was kept secret from Spain, which had been ruled for decades by the dictator General Franco, because the British knew it would be controversial. The report noted: “Spain objects to Gibraltar’s status as a ‘foreign base on Spanish territory’ and regards its use by NATO as a potential threat to Spanish security.”

Permalink Male student refuses to shake a female teachers hand & she isn’t having it!

Then the rector says out loud to the audience: 💬 "Guys, we live in Norway, and we can't have it like this. We can't have it like this. Parents, we live in Norway. You have to work with Norwegian women, otherwise you won't succeed in Norway. You have to deal with this. You parents, you have to deal with it.

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Pfizer Cancer? Double-Jabbed Mouse Unexpectedly 'Dies Suddenly' 2 Days After Dose #2, Autopsy Shows Widespread B-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma "Obliterated" its Internal Organs | We were told that mouse data is sufficient to establish safety & efficacy for humans, so. . .While looking for case reports of vaccine injuries yesterday, I came across a case report of a fatal cancer following receipt of Pfizer vaccine. . . . in a mouse: B-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma following intravenous BNT162b2 mRNA booster in a BALB/c mouse: A case report

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