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The US and the UK strong-arm their own followers, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has claimed | London and Washington run the show in the “rules-based world order,” trying to dictate policy to their own allies as well as countries outside the West, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RT on Friday. Russia fully understands that building relations with other countries needs to be based on mutual benefits and equal partnerships, Lavrov said in an interview with RT at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).
💬 “This is not what we see in the West these days. The Anglo-Saxons are basically running the show, controlling the rest of the collective West. They are using the current situation, which they created through Ukraine – this war against Russia – to remove competition,” Lavrov elaborated. “They see us as a competitor, they see China as a competitor. Their doctrinal documents clearly state that. But they are also removing their competition in continental Europe. It’s obvious. The economic and social processes in Germany are grim. Other countries are not much better off,” the Russian foreign minister added. The only Western state benefiting from the current situation is the US, Lavrov claimed, “and the UK is always somewhere around, helping America reach its selfish goals.”

Germany has no more money for EU – finance minister (RT.com) | Lindner explained that the EU has maxed out its long-term budget through 2027, largely as a result of the bloc’s lavish aid packages to Ukraine. According to the latest figures from Brussels, the EU has given Kiev €72 billion ($79 billion) in economic, military, and humanitarian aid since Russia’s military operation in Ukraine began last February. Despite this unprecedented outflow draining its coffers, the European Commission is reportedly readying an additional €72 billion financial aid package to keep the Ukrainian economy limping along to 2027. According to Lindner, the commission will release a report next week asking member states for more money to cover the bill.

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Israel to provide the Ukro-nazis with tanks | Merkava vehicles worth “millions of shekels” may replace NATO panzers sent to Ukraine. Israel is negotiating the sale of older Merkava tanks to two unnamed countries, one of which is in Europe, the Defense Ministry in West Jerusalem revealed on Thursday. The deal is the first of its kind and is expected to come through within the next three months, if approved by the US.  According to the outlet YNet, the deal involves around 200 “orphaned” tanks retired from active service and gathering dust at maintenance depots. The Defense Ministry had intended to dismantle them and sell them for scrap iron before the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine last year drastically changed the situation on the global weapons market. Israeli inspectors checked on the tanks and found them “serviceable enough to be sold.”

Zelensky ‘a disgrace to the Jewish people’ – Putin (RT.com)

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30 min video presentation by Katherine Watt, Public health emergencies as camouflaged power grabs. Prepared for symposium: Entrenching a Global Health Emergency Mode: Implications for Health and Human Rights Law, Dublin, Ireland. June 15-16, 2023.

Main Finding:
 mRNA/DNA injections and other "Emergency Use Authorized" products are biochemical compounds exempt from US regulations governing drug development, manufacturing and distribution.
Legal question presented:
 Are they medical treatments authorized for economically/socially/psychologically coerced administration under under international and federal Public Health Emergency Laws?
 Or are they toxic weapons prohibited under international and federal Weapons of Mass Destruction laws?
 Answer: BOTH

 June 14, 2023 - Public health emergencies are camouflaged power grabs. (Rumble, 30 min)
 Jan. 13, 2023 - Abstract, US Government State-sponsored bioterrorism (PDF)
 May 22, 2023 - Paper, Securitisation of public health law, US origin (PDF)
 June 14, 2023 - Public health emergencies are camouflaged power grabs, slide deck (PDF)

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