Permalink Russian – A Trophy Language?

Grigory Borisovich Karasin (Карасин, Григорий Борисович) | The intellectually sophisticated Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov agreed to the dangerously stupid point of calling our Russian a "trophy language."  What about the last, first names, and patronymics of most of his colleagues in the Kiev team?  You should think, Comrade Minister, when you speak in public! Otherwise, there is no desire to discuss any serious issues with you and your likes.  How do your Western masters negotiate with you...? (Translation with: DeepL.com)

[Comment by] Maria Zakharova (Russian MFA)(Мария Захарова) | Grigory Borisovich, don't you expect too much? Forcing the Kiev regime to think is both late and useless. In order to think, you need intelligence, not a flash drive with instructions from Washington.  The entire Kiev leadership speaks Russian to each other. Everyone knows that. And all this nationalist pathos just because they didn't have and don't have any other ideology for the political process. They originally tried to build a new Ukraine on the principles of nationalism, and they fell into a Nazi spiral. (DeepL.com)

Permalink Let NATO fight, Russia is prepared – Lavrov

The Western bloc has committed to fighting Russia in Ukraine, the foreign minister said | Russia is prepared for NATO to continue to fight in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday. Several days earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg rejected any moves to “freeze” the conflict, despite mounting Ukrainian losses.  In an interview with Germany’s Welt am Sonntag published on Sunday, Stoltenberg declared that “peace cannot mean freezing the conflict and accepting a deal that is dictated by Russia.” Stoltenberg added that “only Ukraine can define the conditions that are acceptable,” an explicit endorsement of Kiev’s vow to drive Russian forces back to pre-conflict borders and seize the Russian territory of Crimea. 💬 “If NATO, through the mouth of Stoltenberg, once again declares that they are against freezing, as they say, the conflict in Ukraine, then they want to fight,” Lavrov told a press conference. “Well, let them fight, we are ready for this, we have long understood the goals of NATO in the situation around Ukraine, which have been formed for many years.”

‘We need Russia, and Russia needs us’ – former Reagan adviser to RT (RT.com) | The two countries “should go and find a way to get back to discussing something else besides war,” the former adviser insisted, referring to the conflict in Ukraine. Russia has described the fighting in the neighboring country as a “proxy war” waged by the Americans and their allies against Moscow. “It’s a lot easier and a lot cheaper [to talk] than to use weapons,” the 92-year-old added.

Permalink Danish Brain scientist receives the Anders Jahre Award for discovering the brain’s cleaning system

Professor Maiken Nedergaard receives the prestigious medical Anders Jahre Award 2023 for her ground-breaking brain research which has led to the discovery and description the brain’s cleaning system, the glymphatic system. With the award comes a grant of NOK 1 million. | While we sleep, the brain is busy cleaning up the waste matter that accumulates during activity. This process is a so-called waste clearance system, and it is known as the glymphatic system. The system makes sure the brain cleans itself by removing waste matter in the form of proteins. If the proteins are allowed to accumulate and stay in the brain, they can lead to reduced brain cell function and increased risk of dementia.  Professor Maiken Nedergaard from the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Copenhagen, who first discovered and described the system in 2012, has spent the past years exploring the system in depth. Her research has changed our understanding of how the brain works and what goes wrong when we get sick, but also how we may be able to provide better treatment in the future.  Now she receives the prestigious Anders Jahre Award for Medical Research honouring outstanding international research. It is awarded once a year at a ceremony at the University of Oslo.

Permalink 'Black Day for Norwegian Nature' as Oslo Plans to Open Its Waters for Deep-Sea Mining

Several studies have revealed the presence of metals ranging from copper and zinc to rare earths on the shelf, promising a lucrative business for the Norwegian government. However, critics say it runs contrary to the country's environmental commitment and may ruin its "green" image abroad. | Norway's Labor-led government has proposed opening the country's waters to deep-sea mining despite fierce opposition from environmental campaigners, political parties and even fellow European countries.  The small country with 5.4 million inhabitants was propelled to immense wealth by its vast oil and gas reserves, which helped fill its Petroleum Fund which at more than $1 trillion ranks as the world's largest sovereign fund. Its position in Europe was cemented further after the EU's recent sanctions campaign against Russian energy, which effectively robbed the continent of a major provider, while clearing a lion's share of the market. Norway even came even under fire when it was suspected of profiteering from the energy crisis that gripped Europe.  Now, Oslo seeks to shift from a reliance on hydrocarbons to new sources of economic activity, tapping into the high demand to transition from fossil fuels. According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, there are large mineral resources on the Norwegian continental shelf, including several million tonnes of copper, zinc and cobalt, which could potentially mean large revenues for Norway.

Norway Opens Door for Deep-Sea Mining of Copper and Other Critical Materials (Wall Street Journal)

Permalink Work to identify Ukrainians responsible for Kakhovka dam blast under way

The head of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin said that investigators and forensic experts have already examined the scene | The Russian Investigative Committee is working to identify Ukrainian officers, who are responsible for the attack on the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant (HPP), the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has told TASS in an interview.  On the morning of June 6, the Ukrainian military launched a missile attack on the Kakhovka HPP, which resulted in the destruction of gate sluice valves at the HPP’s dam, triggering an uncontrolled discharge of water. Water levels in Novaya Kakhovka rose to 12 meters, but now the water is subsiding. There are 35 communities in the flood zone. People are being evacuated from flooded areas. According to the latest data, thirty-eight people have died and 115 have been hospitalized. The destruction of the hydropower plant has caused serious environmental damage with farmlands along the Dnieper River being washed away. Additionally, there is a risk that the North Crimean Canal may run low and become too shallow.  Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the strike on the Kakhovka dam as an act of deliberate sabotage by Ukrainian forces, adding that the Kiev regime should bear full responsibility for its consequences.

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