Permalink Anatomy of a NATO-Planned, Trained, and Armed Disaster

As the smoke cleared the battlefield, we were left witness to a disaster of unprecedented proportions. NATO’s most advanced tanks and armor were left as smoking ruins | The most shocking development was the closeups revealed that these weren’t just any NATO tanks and IFVs, but were in fact some of the most advanced upgraded variants. Many of the Leopards destroyed were not the older 2A4s but in fact the much newer 2A6s, which are some of the most advanced tanks in the world. [...] The main thing to understand is that the coordination required, as I mentioned before, is so high that likely no army in the world can succeed in such an environment. Every single wing, arm, and branch of your military has to be functioning in sync, and a single disruption, such as to your communications can immediately set you back. Recall that Russia is the world’s #1 electronic warfare super power—so we can assume that Ukraine’s communications and everything in between were being disrupted. In summary: in such a heavily contested, highly fortified area, Ukraine literally has no options. There is nothing in the world they can do, no weapon in the world you can give them, that can allow them to breach Russian lines here. The only way it can happen is by sheer overwhelming force where they sustain massively disproportionate casualties, but “rush forward” in human wave equivalents and try to overrun Russian lines.

Ukrainian unit loses most of its Bradley fighting vehicles in Zaporozhye (TASS)

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