Permalink Crimea attacked by drones – governor

Nine UAVs attempted to strike targets on the Russian peninsula, a top regional official has said | Air defenses in Russia’s Crimean peninsula have taken out nine drones, Governor Sergey Aksyonov reported on Thursday morning. According to Aksyonov, six UAVs were shot down while three others were disabled by signal-jamming equipment. He said that one drone had “exploded” in the village of Dokuchayevo in the central part of the peninsula. “There are no casualties. Windows were shattered in some houses,” Aksyonov wrote on his Telegram channel, urging residents to stay calm.

Kiev intends to kill as many Russians as possible – Zelensky’s top aide (RT.com)
Nine Drones Detected Over Crimea Overnight, 6 Downed, 3 Jammed - Region Head (Sputnik News)
UK unveils new drones for Ukraine (RT.com)

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