Permalink BlackRock recruiter shares how company ‘buys’ politicians in secret recording

Permalink A closer look at vaccines and the lies Big Pharma continues to tell the public

Government data shows COVID-19 vaccines HARM the immune system – Facebook admits it was wrong to label it “misinformation” | In August 2022, an investigation into five months’ worth of official U.K. government data revealed that a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “booster” dose provides only a temporary boost before harming the immune system more rapidly than two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. This suggests that the COVID-19 vaccinated population is developing some new form of vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS).  When the investigation was shared by a reader on Facebook the same day it was published, the post was quickly removed and labeled as “misinformation.” The reader who shared the article disputed Facebook’s censorship, and the social media platform responded on Oct. 27 to admit that it was wrong to label it as “misinformation.” Facebook confirmed that the investigation was actually factual. The Facebook post is now back, complete with details about the report.

Permalink End game in the Ukraine war approaches with lightning speed

Gilbert Doctorow | Today [June 20, 2023] Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made an announcement that has not yet been carried in Western media but which is of the most grave nature.  According to the latest intelligence reports, Russia believes that the Ukrainian armed forces now intend to cover their failed counter-offensive in the Donbas by using US-supplied Himars multiple launch artillery and UK-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles, possibly in the longer range domestic version, to attack the Crimea. If this happens, says Shoigu, Russia will consider both the United States and Britain to have fully entered the war as co-belligerents. And Russia will immediately respond to any such attack on its territory by destroying “the decision making centers” of the Kiev regime. This is a fairly transparent threat to “neutralize” their government apparatus and personnel, logically including President Zelensky.  The statement by Shoigu leaves little doubt that we are entering the final phase of the Ukraine war as a war limited to the geography of Ukraine, and are possibly heading into a wider war with unforeseeable consequences both for Europeans and (finally) for Americans.

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