Permalink Putin reveals details of draft treaty on Ukrainian neutrality

The Russian president has shown the documents from the failed peace negotiations with Kiev | Moscow and Kiev agreed on security guarantees and the general terms of Ukrainian neutrality during peace negotiations in March 2022, but Kiev then abruptly discarded the documents its delegation had already signed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday.  During a meeting with a group of African leaders in St. Petersburg, Putin showed for the first time the draft documents that were being discussed by the Russian and Ukrainian emissaries in Türkiye more than a year ago. According to Putin, a document titled the Treaty on the Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees for Ukraine had been signed by the Ukrainian delegation. The draft stipulates that Ukraine must enshrine “permanent neutrality” in its Constitution. Russia, the US, Britain, China, and France are listed as guarantors.  An addendum to the draft, also shown by Putin, outlines both Russian and Ukrainian proposals regarding the size of Ukraine’s standing army during peacetime, as well as its equipment. Moscow proposed to cap the number of military personnel at 85,000 and the number of National Guard members at 15,000. Kiev, meanwhile, proposed that its Armed Forces have up to 250,000 troops.   “Where are the guarantees that they will not walk away from agreements in the future?” Putin said. “However, even under such circumstances, we have never refused to conduct negotiations.”

Putin’s Shocking Revelations Show There Can be No Negotiations with Kiev (Drago Bosnic/Global Research)
Putin Shows African Leaders Draft Treaty on Ukrainian Neutrality from March 2022 (Dave DeCamp/Antiwar.com)
Putin Shows Proof of 'Draft Treaty' to End War; ‘Ukraine Reneged On Peace Deal' (Hindustan Times VIDEO)

Permalink Kremlin promises punishment for threats to kill Russians

Western politicians should know that by supporting Kiev they’re aiding “de-facto murderers,” spokesperson Dmitry Peskov says | Any persons threatening to kill Russians are enemies who should be and will be punished for doing so, Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov has warned.  On Sunday, Peskov was asked by channel Rossyia 1 to comment on the words of Mikhail Podoliak, a top adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who said last week that Kiev’s long-awaited counteroffensive would be “the most brutal advance with the maximum killing of Russians on this route.” “That’s what our enemies say, and we have to fight them. You can’t threaten the Russians with murder. Russians should punish [them] for this, and we will do so,” the Kremlin spokesperson pointed out. He noted that Podoliak was “not a pioneer” in this regard, as the chief of the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) Kirill Budanov and members of the country’s Security Council have also “repeatedly talked about their desire to kill as many Russians as possible.”

Kremlin warns of repercussions following Ukraine’s statements about ‘killing Russians’ (TASS)
Kiev intends to kill as many Russians as possible – Zelensky’s top aide (RT.com)

Permalink The only thing you need to remember about all of this is …. that they were NOT afraid!

UK minister apologizes over ‘Partygate’ video (RT.com) - [Editor's Comment: Apologies are beside the point. They are offered in order to protect the (false) main narrative ('it's a health crisis') from scrutiny. They all knew "covid" was a hoax. That's the point. Apart from that, it's a military operation to maim and kill as many as possible. Big pharma was commandeered by DoD to produce & coercively distribute the dangerous toxins. The injections are military countermeasures meant to kill. Millions are dead already.]

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