Permalink New International Health Regulations with James Roguski

In this video, Dr. John Campbell raises some serious concerns about the new WHO treaty and International health regulations as some serious amendments have been made to the IHR.  James Roguski makes it clear in this interview that his main concern with this treaty is that they are negotiating under a fraudulent premise. He explains that there are actually three separate things happening and it would be wise for a commission to be created in order to actually learn something from the last four years before changing international law.  The World Health Organisation is trying to assume more centralized powers, without really learning any lessons for the pandemic. Most people are completely unaware that last May on May 27th 2022 during the World Health Assembly, a set of amendments to International Regulations were adopted.

Permalink Dumb-ass anti-racism fighters

Alexei PUSHKOV (Алексей ПУШКОВ) | Why is this sort of dross only ever aimed at white people? (Paul J. Watson) | The University of Cambridge decided to reject the terms "Anglo-Saxon" and "Anglo-Saxon" as nationalistic and racist, "underlying the white myth. According to this logic, the natives of the British Isles came from nowhere, descended from no one and have no name. That is, they today are a collection of social units without ethnic characteristics, a kind of biomass without a past or history. The idiocy of this "school of thought", if one can put it that way, because there is political correct stupidity instead of thought, is emphasized by the fact that in European history there were Angles, and there were Saxons, and nobody refutes it yet. But the Anglo-Saxons, who came after the fall of the Roman Empire to the British Isles from the north of Europe, as we are now told, for some reason there were not. And there aren't now. Why not? Because that's what Cambridge decided! (Translation: DeepL.com)

Anglo-Saxons didn’t exist – Cambridge University (RT.com)

Permalink ‘Large-scale’ Ukrainian offensive repelled – Russian MOD

Kiev’s troops have unsuccessfully tried to break through the front line in Donbass, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said | Ukrainian forces have launched a “large-scale offensive” against Russian troops along five sections of the front line in Donbass, the Russian Defense Ministry said in the early hours of Monday.  According to the ministry, the assault began on Sunday morning. “The enemy’s goal was to breach our defenses in what they assumed was the most vulnerable section of the frontline,” it said in a statement. “The enemy has failed to reach its goals and was unsuccessful,” the ministry added.  Russian officials said Ukraine had deployed the 23rd and the 31st mechanized brigades from its “strategic reserves,” which were supported in battle by other units. “The Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost more than 250 service members, 16 tanks, three infantry vehicles, and 21 armored vehicles,” the Defense Ministry claimed. It released a video of what it said were strikes on Ukrainian military vehicles.

Douglas Macgregor – YouTube.com June 3, 2023
Unconfirmed: 2000+ Dead Ukrainian Soldiers in Overnight War Fighting (Hal Turner Show)
Blinken Rejects Calls for a Ukraine Ceasefire (Antiwar.com)
US: NATO Weapons Used in Attack on Russia's Belgorod Oblast (Antiwar.com)

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | Has the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a well-publicized offensive? | We are guided by the official report of the Russian Ministry of Defense:

💬 "Since the morning of June 4, the enemy launched a large-scale offensive at five sections of the front in the South Donetsk direction by engaging 23 and 31 mechanized brigades from the AFU strategic reserves, supported by other military units and subunits. The enemy had no success, losing more than 250 personnel, 16 tanks, three BMPs and 21 BMPs. However, today, according to information received, it continued its offensive, introducing even more forces into the battle. The fact that the commander of the combined group of troops, the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov was present at one of the advanced control points in this direction also confirms the transition of the AFU to active offensive actions.

 In the coming days, we should expect the enemy to continue strikes in various parts of the front to identify vulnerabilities in our defenses - with subsequent transfer of reserves there in case of tactical success. Also, disturbing actions along the Russian-Ukrainian border in Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk oblasts will continue in order to force our command to pull back reserves from the front line. There will be missile and UAV strikes to our rear and deep into Russian territory, where the enemy's sabotage activity will increase. The enemy puts a special emphasis on information and psychological operations. Here it is important not to pick up unverified information and not to throw it into the information field.

 There is only one option - to hold on and show resilience. It is important to disrupt and disorganize the enemy's communications and logistics, depriving it of the ability to transfer reserves, ammunition, and materiel quickly. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare the Russian strike groups. Victory can only be achieved through an offensive.

Permalink The EU is desperate to clamp down on Elon Musk’s free speech as ‘disinformation’

Rachel Marsden | If Brussels’ tech disinfo code is voluntary, then why did officials freak out when Musk yanked Twitter from it? | European Union officials are having a meltdown, all because Twitter CEO Elon Musk has withdrawn the platform from a “voluntary” EU code of conduct for tech firms to combat so-called “disinformation.” And they have yet to cite a single actual example of it.  EU Internal Markets Commissioner Thierry Breton tweeted, “You can run, but you can’t hide,” citing a legal obligation to prevent disinformation from August. He’s basically treating Musk, a guy who builds rockets and cars in America, like an unruly schoolchild, with Brussels in the role of the principal. French Digital Minister Jean-Noel Barrot even threatened to ban Twitter from the EU in a recent interview, citing the “grave” threat of disinformation.

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