Permalink Children are being killed: 8x increase in Excess Deaths among Children in Europe since COVID Vaccine roll-out according to Official EU Data

Official mortality figures for Europe show that there has been a shocking 691% increase in excess deaths among children since the European Medicines Agency extended the emergency use authorisation of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15 in May | Before this decision by the European Medicines Agency, deaths among children in 2021 were below the expected rate. But following the emergency use authorisation, excess deaths among children by the end of the year had risen by a deeply troubling 1,599% compared to the 2017 to 2020 average. Unfortunately, this trend has continued into 2022, with Europe officially recording a 381% increase in excess deaths among children this year so far, compared to the 2018 to 2021 average.

Permalink Every 3rd soldier in the Kharkiv offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a citizen of a NATO country

The offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (and NATO) in the Kharkiv region was planned by the US military command. About 200 units of heavy military equipment and up to 9,000 soldiers were involved in last week's offensive.  Reportedly, forensic examination of the dead bodies from the Offensive reveal that one in three soldiers operating under the Ukrainian chevron was a citizen of a NATO member state These forces were 4-5 times superior to the units of the DPR, LPR and Russia that were defending their positions in the region.  The main goal of the Ukrainian offensive was a flank attack, encirclement and subsequent destruction of the Russian grouping in the area of ​​Balakleya, Kupyansk and Izyum.

Permalink Moscow outlines ‘diabolical’ plan by Washington

The EU is being prodded into selling itself into slavery on behalf of Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says | The Russian diplomat believes that the proposed international agreement which Kiev released on Tuesday is an economic trap for EU nations set by the US with Ukraine’s assistance. [...] Washington’s EU allies are expected to pledge to keep the Ukraine aid money flowing for the foreseeable future, Zakharova said in an interview on Wednesday. If signed, the ‘Kiev Security Compact’ would mean “harsh slavery” for the bloc which it would not recover from anytime soon, she claimed.

💬 “A total commitment to supporting the Kiev regime would simply mean immolation [for the EU]. And this proposal is addressed to nations that are debating how they can live through the winter,” Zakharova said, in reference to the energy shortages that EU member states are struggling to confront.  The situation is ironic, she believes, as the EU began as a group of nations that banded together for mutual economic benefit through the deregulation of trade. Now “they are being corralled together” so their lives will become “colder, poorer, and harder,” she said.

Ukraine’s security proposal makes Russian op ‘more urgent’ – Kremlin (RT.com)
Kiev Security Compact meant to enslave EU, Russian diplomat says (TASS)
Medvedev: Kiev's Security Guarantees Project is 'Prelude to World War Three' (09/13/22)

Permalink Ukraine Seeks Longer-Range Missile System From the US for Future Offensives

The Ukrainians want the Army Tactical Missile System, which has a range of about 190 miles | Ukraine has made major requests for new weapons it wants from the US, including a longer-range missile system, as it plans to launch more offensives in 2023, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.  According to a document presented to US lawmakers, among the weapons Ukraine wants is the Army Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS, a surface-to-surface missile system that has a range of about 190 miles, significantly longer than any arms Washington has provided Kyiv up to this point.  The US has previously denied requests from Ukraine to send ATACMS over concerns they could be used to target Russian territory. But Washington has demonstrated throughout the conflict its willingness to escalate support for Kyiv despite the risk of provoking a response from Moscow.  The HIMARS systems that the US has been sending Ukraine have a range of 50 miles and were provided with the condition that they won’t be used to hit targets inside Russia, although the restriction doesn’t apply to Crimea, which Moscow has controlled since 2014.

Permalink Denmark to Train Ukrainian Soldiers on Its Soil, Pledges More Arms to Kiev

Denmark has been among the most active supporters of Ukraine in its recent conflict with Russia, having trained Ukrainian soldiers abroad and contributed arms to the tune of $270 million. Denmark and Ukraine have entered into an agreement that Ukrainian soldiers will be trained on Danish soil.

💬 “I can't get into the details of that, but there will be training of the Ukrainian military in Denmark”, Danish Defense Minister Morten Bødskov told TV2 during his visit to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Earlier in August, it was reported that Denmark would contribute130 instructors to the UK-led project this autumn to train Ukrainian soldiers with limited or no military experience. At that time Defense Minister Morten Bødskov also opened up for additional training in Denmark, including Ukrainian commanders. Previously, Denmark had trained Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine. It happened after Russia's re-unification with Crimea it viewed as “annexation”.

Permalink US Considering Sanctions Package Against China, Pressuring EU to Join

Relations between Taipei and Beijing have been deteriorating since US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke with Taiwanese officials in August | The United States is considering a sanctions package to discourage China from invading Taiwan, and both Taipei and Washington are pressuring the European Union to follow suit, according to a report published by Reuters on Tuesday.  Deliberations between Washington and the EU, along with separate lobbying of the EU by Taipei, are said to be in the early stages. [...] The US and much of the West already restricts trade of certain computer components and telecom equipment from China over corporate espionage fears. The Biden administration also recently restricted sales of artificial intelligence chips to Chinese companies, unless those companies receive Commerce Department licenses first.  The new sanctions package would be in addition to those sanctions. Reuter’s source did not provide them with any additional details.

Permalink China strongly condemns US cyber attacks on China's Northwestern Polytechnical University

China strongly condemns the cyber attacks launched by the United States on China's Northwestern Polytechnical University, and urges the U.S. side to offer an explanation and immediately stop its unlawful moves, Foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said Monday.

It was reported that China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center (CVERC) and cybersecurity company 360 on Monday respectively released investigation reports on the attacks on Northwestern Polytechnical University from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which showed that the NSA-affiliated TAO mounted hundreds of thousands malicious cyber attacks targeting Chinese objectives.  In response, Mao told a daily news briefing that the investigative reports point to another example of the U.S. government's cyber attacks on China.

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