Permalink Moscow outlines ‘diabolical’ plan by Washington

The EU is being prodded into selling itself into slavery on behalf of Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says | The Russian diplomat believes that the proposed international agreement which Kiev released on Tuesday is an economic trap for EU nations set by the US with Ukraine’s assistance. [...] Washington’s EU allies are expected to pledge to keep the Ukraine aid money flowing for the foreseeable future, Zakharova said in an interview on Wednesday. If signed, the ‘Kiev Security Compact’ would mean “harsh slavery” for the bloc which it would not recover from anytime soon, she claimed.

💬 “A total commitment to supporting the Kiev regime would simply mean immolation [for the EU]. And this proposal is addressed to nations that are debating how they can live through the winter,” Zakharova said, in reference to the energy shortages that EU member states are struggling to confront.  The situation is ironic, she believes, as the EU began as a group of nations that banded together for mutual economic benefit through the deregulation of trade. Now “they are being corralled together” so their lives will become “colder, poorer, and harder,” she said.

Ukraine’s security proposal makes Russian op ‘more urgent’ – Kremlin (RT.com)
Kiev Security Compact meant to enslave EU, Russian diplomat says (TASS)
Medvedev: Kiev's Security Guarantees Project is 'Prelude to World War Three' (09/13/22)


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